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Where Can I Find A High School Level Home School Tutor?

Readers Forum:

I want to be homed schooled, I am a junior. My mother has sent me on a quest to find tutors who will home school me for about 4 or so hours a day. Are there any websites or services I can use to find certified teachers/tutors? Thanks!

3 comments to Where Can I Find A High School Level Home School Tutor?

  • FLmom3

    Where we live, tutoring is a big business, so we see ads all the time for tutors on Craigslist as well as getting a list of certified tutors from the school board.

  • ʘɧ № Ɯ∂ץ

    Here is one website: http://www.tutorsource.com/
    I don’t think your mother understands homeschoolng very well; either that or you are very rich.
    Yes, *you* would need to be spending about four hours a day on schoolwork, but honestly, once you have passed the fourth grade reading and comprehension level, you should be able to do a lot of the learning on your own. I have tutored many students, and at the junior in high school level, you should not need more than four hours of extra help per *week,* not per day! There might be exceptions 1. if you are really behind in an area, or 2. if you are taking a course that requires supervised hands-on lab work, or perhaps 3. if you want extra speaking practice in a foreign language… But if you have a private tutor 20 hours a week, you won’t be learing to study on your own.

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