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How Many Homeschooling Events Do You Do In A Typical Month?

Readers Forum:

Our once a month activities with our homeschooling groups, Lit Club, Homeschool Recess, Themed Party, Preschool Play time, Family Fun Night, Bowling, and one major field trip to a science center or other museum. Our only thing that we do on a weekly basis, with a group, are library day, Gym, and Swim. I was thinking of adding dance or something more for the little ones because the biggers have the swim but I think I might be getting close to our scheduling limits. * I know it may look like a lot but there are 6 children that participate in almost all of the said things and each activity only lasts about 3 hours with the exception of the field trips. What does your schedule look like?

6 comments to How Many Homeschooling Events Do You Do In A Typical Month?

  • ?

    weekly-library day (computer class for olders, story time for youngers), scouts, dance, tae kwon do, sports (depending on season), band, orchestra, field trip (art/history/science/zoo), shopping at new stores (culturally different, asian, indian, kosher, etc), and park day
    monthly-4H, cultural event (powwows, eid’s, swedish/norwegian group, reenactments, open events like that), family campouts, go to work with dad, flute circle,
    annually-convention, homeschool reunion

  • Anonymous

    For only homeschooling, 4 or 5 times a month park days, then usually at least two get-togethers with other families (one as part of a club and another for whichever holiday is being celebrated that month), plus regular playing with other homeschooling kids who live near us. Add additional days for birthdays here and there, field trips with others every so often (but not necessarily every month). Of course, some months, usually the nicer ones like May and June, can mean 2 or 3 outings a week with others. This does not include lessons and going to the library each week.
    I should maybe add that I have two kids, 6 and 9.

  • creative rae

    I have 1 daughter 5.
    Mondays- Spanish and Theater arts
    Tuesdays- gymnastics, park day library
    Wednesdays-Spanish- Math games and Little house on the prairie club on alternating weeks
    Thursdays –art class and guitar
    Fridays are the field trip days 3 out of 4 fridays we are on a field trip.
    We will be adding dance and piano as soon as the class/ teacher is available.

  • num1kevi

    tuesday, our preist does latin
    wednesday, morining, first communin catecism, than adoration then conformation catecism (preist)
    thursday, i flunked out of algebra, but i’m a year ahead anyway.
    friday, dust the church after mass!
    one field trip per month, and we go to front roya monthly too.

  • Jessie P

    Well, with one group, we have a field trip once a week or every two. We have a play group once a week and a montly “bring a dish to share” picnic. That’s just one group. My kids are also in the scouts, which they have once a week meetings and they do something every Saturday as well. Then there are the neighborhood sports, twice a week practice and once weekly games. We go to the Y 5 days a week. And my daughter is about to begin dance twice a week. There is also a group that has cheap bowling once a week, and we go sometimes. So my kids have SOMETHING to do every day.


    I am sorry, I have to take a moment an giggle here. Are you all reading everyone's schedule here? And they say homeschoolers are under socialized! 

    We do not do as much as you all but we do meet with friends on Tuesday, Church on Wed, Park day on Thursday, Church on Sunday. So my kids are out for sure 3x a week as well as I take them to a park another 1 or 2 times a week (just us) and they play with the kids there that they do not know.

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