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School Week of 4-28 through 5-2-14

First let me start off by saying May will be EXTREMELY busy for me. I have something going every weekend. I won’t even have time to stop and celebrate my birthday on the 9th. I have concerts that i am singing in and concerts that my children’s choirs I teach are singing in. Whew, I

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FREE Curriculm and FREE Resources

  I want to make very sure that it is well known that not all of these sites I have posted are Christian, so please visit them first to make sure you approve of them before you send your children there. I have not seen anything myself that was completely wrong or offensive or even

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Homeschooler Buyers Co-op

So I realized there are many homeschoolers who have not heard of Homeschool Buyers Co-op. Just in my small Park Day group only a couple of us have ever heard of this web site. So I figured I have thousands of readers and there has to be many of you who have not heard of it

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Homeschooling: All Things

Multiplication Pocket Games by A Journey Through Learning

You have never seen a Lapbook like this before. This is a cross between a lapbook and a file folder game. And I love it! File Folder games are great way of allowing the child to have fun all while they are learning. And what homeschool parent does not like their children to have fun

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Curriculum Reviews

Raining Numbers Math Addition File Folder Game

I have a fond fancy for file folder games. They are very inexpensive compared with traditional board games you can buy, effortless to put together and engaging for all ages.

There are many types of the file folder games that I have come across over the years and I have at least 30 of those

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Amazing Math Free Ebook

August is here and it’s time to gear up for “Back-to-Homeschool.” Looking for some fun hands-on activities to get your year started right? The Old Schoolhouse┬« wants to help by offering our Teacher’s Toolbox readers one of our most popular modules, Amazing Mathematics, absolutely free!

How much fun can you have with math?

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Curriculum Reviews

Critical Thinking

Critical Thining is a company who has so many parent, teacher in addition to other educational awards as well as they should. First let me say that I actually have been using Critical Thinking Language Arts for my son for a year now and we love it. But then I got so lucky as

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Math Tudor

I was never did well in school at math and the teachers I had either did not want to, did not have the time or could not take the time to slow it down for me. So I fell behind. When

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Math Mammoth

Maria Miller is the author of the Math Mammoth, which is a series of math workbooks that are available in e-book format. Now first let me say that I am in no way a math genius nor do I know how to teach math well without some help from a good core Continue reading Math Mammoth



Well, this review was a little tough for me. Why you ask? Because I already have a preset idea about computer based schools. I am not extremely happy with a child spending their school day on the computer. I also prefer

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November: Amusing Math Module

I just got my hands on the November Module of The Old School House Planner. I have all their modules so far and have used much of each one of them. This one I am not as satisfied with as I

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File Folder Games

Oh boy oh boy! I just found a great site. File Folder Games I love file folder games and I have spent many a day and night trying to find some free ones on the Internet. Now this site pops up. I guess I am not the only one out there wanting this too.

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Help Me 2 Teach Review

I had a chance to review a site for teachers and homeschoolers. This site has over 2,000 links to educational sites for parents, students and teachers. The person who put this site together was a teacher for 40 years. And Help me 2 Teach was created to enable us to use these links for a

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