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School Week of 4-28 through 5-2-14

First let me start off by saying May will be EXTREMELY busy for me. I have something going every weekend. I won’t even have time to stop and celebrate my birthday on the 9th. I have concerts that i am singing in and concerts that my children’s choirs I teach are singing in. Whew, I

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FREE Curriculm and FREE Resources

  I want to make very sure that it is well known that not all of these sites I have posted are Christian, so please visit them first to make sure you approve of them before you send your children there. I have not seen anything myself that was completely wrong or offensive or even

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Homeschooler Buyers Co-op

So I realized there are many homeschoolers who have not heard of Homeschool Buyers Co-op. Just in my small Park Day group only a couple of us have ever heard of this web site. So I figured I have thousands of readers and there has to be many of you who have not heard of it

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All About Spelling

I did it! I found the best spelling program ever! The program name is All About Spelling. The program is so versatile. It can start at All About Spelling


Copying the Hymns: All Things Bright and Beautiful

Copywork is one of those essential parts of homeschooling. We know that it not only helps with the child’s handwriting, but also with their vocabulary, their grammar as well as spelling and much more. Copying the Hymns: All Things Bright and Beautiful by

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Happy Scribes July Copybook

They say that if you want your children’s handwriting to be beautiful, then you have to have them practice it daily. The problem is what do you make them write. Scripture? Boring sayings by people we do not really know? One of the ways is to have them write simple information about the month of

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Encouraging the Reluctant Writer

Isn’t it amazing how different each of our children can be? As homeschoolers, we get to witness this first hand as we work with our students at home. Out of four children, I have one who can hardly wait to get started and could write pages upon pages of information or

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Pockets Full of Time: Have You Seen My Cat

Little Pockets of Time, “Have You Seen My Cat?” by Fortunately for You is a great way for children to remember what they have read! I think this would be great with the lower elementary

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Copywork E-Book

House Upon a Rock is a copywork book for Mathew 7:24-29. I feel it is made more for upper elementary grades, 4-6, due to the lining on the pages and length of the copywork. It is only 8 pages that are beautifully illustrated in back and white. It contains 3 pages of copywork plus

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The Little Red Hen Primer Reader

The Little Red Hen Primer Reader is a story I has read with many different animals character in its place, but the underlining lesson is the fact that if you do not work you do not

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Curriculum Reviews

Write Shop

I had a chance to look over a product by Writeshop. WriteShop is designed to teach composition skills in a step-by-step manner. Through a series of engaging lessons, students learn the four most common kinds of writing—descriptive, informative, narrative, and persuasive (essays)—by means of the following basic building blocks: Brainstorming, Editing, Writing and

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All About Homophones

Wow Mary Rippel did it again! Here is another great program from All About Spelling. It’s All About Homophones. Teaching homophones can be really hard! Just in case you forgot, these are words that sound the same, but they aren’t spelled the same, and they, to top it off, don’t mean the same.

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File Folder Games

Oh boy oh boy! I just found a great site. File Folder Games I love file folder games and I have spent many a day and night trying to find some free ones on the Internet. Now this site pops up. I guess I am not the only one out there wanting this too.

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