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Copying the Hymns: All Things Bright and Beautiful

Copywork is one of those essential parts of homeschooling. We know that it not only helps with the child’s handwriting, but also with their vocabulary, their grammar as well as spelling and much more. Copying the Hymns: All Things Bright and Beautiful by Bogart Family Resources has done a beautiful job of putting together a copybook for us. At the beginning of the book they give us a few quick reference charts with upper and lower case letters as well as numbers in manuscript. They suggest that you simply print these out and have them available for children to glance at as needed to refresh their memories.
The first lesson starts with a simple Bible verse, but each day after they lead you through the beautiful hymn All Things Bright and Beautiful! Throughout the lesson your child will have plenty of space to do his or her copywork as well as shuffled in there every once in a while they will have an opportunity to draw a simple picture that may go with what they have learned so far! And my favorite part is at the tail end of the whole copy workbook you are given the actual hymn in sheet music form.
I like this copybook. I think it is well laid out and if you are like me and have a child who is doing cursive, this is a great way for him or her to challenge them selves a bit and have them transpose the manuscript into cursive! You can pick up your copy of Copying the Hymns: All Things Bright and Beautiful or any of the many other title by Bogart Family Resources at Currclick for only $2.95
I give this a 4 out of 5

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