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All About Homophones

Wow Mary Rippel did it again! Here is another great program from All About Spelling. It’s All About Homophones. Teaching homophones can be really hard! Just in case you forgot, these are words that sound the same, but they aren’t spelled the same, and they, to top it off, don’t mean the same.

The All About Homophones Tool Kit offers you graphic organizers for visual understanding. My son loves this. He gets to write the homophone, then draw a picture and then write a sentence about his homophone picture. It also comes with 101 homophone worksheets that students enjoy completing . And yes, he actually does enjoy it. The sheets are very easy and fun. Students also learn about homophones while playing card game, crossword puzzles, riddles, tongue twisters, and puns, too. And there is so much more!

You know what one of my favorite parts is? This book goes all the way up to grade 8. One book, One price and lots of fun learning. It’s only $32.95 for hard book and $30.95 for e-book, which is what I have. I printed out only the pages we will use for this year and will save the rest for the future years without all the bulk on my shelves. Not a bad price for 8 grade levels.

My son loves this part of school as much as he likes the All About Spelling program. I just add this once a week into my spelling. It takes an extra 10 minutes but he NEVER complains about this or spelling anymore. Oh and he loves the The Homophone Machine she has on her web site. Even if you do not buy her program you have to check it out.

I am going to end with Mary’s own words and guarantee because it sums it up perfectly…….

“I (Mary) personally guarantee that you’ll love the All About Homophones Tool Kit! And I back it up with a thirty-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee. This is the BEST book on homophones and homonyms you can buy for your language arts lessons.”

10 out of 10

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