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How Long Does It Take To Start Homeschooling?

Readers Forum:

So I'm going to start being homeschooled. I knew I wouldn't be able to start right away, but my assistant principal told me that with the entire process I probably wouldn't be able to start until the fall. Does it really take this long? What is the process you have to go through to start homeschooling?

7 comments to How Long Does It Take To Start Homeschooling?

  • ozboz48

    Depends on your state. Check out the laws here:

  • Mary A

    I transferred my son from his school to home schooling in 2 days. I wd him from his school, signed the papers and started homeschooling him. Then I later enrolled him into an online charter

  • Joseph

    Depends, I’m not sure what program you use. I went through BJU(Bob Jones University), and it took a couple of weeks to pick out the curriculum, and send in the registration papers. Then about a month for the books to arrive.

  • Barb

    Today. That’s all it takes. You can start studying at home right now.
    What “process” does the principal think you have to go through?
    You should contact http://www.hslda.org and find out the truth about the law where you live. It should not take much time at all.
    Even if you have to stay in the public classroom for any length of time you can still start homeschooling whenever you are home.
    1. Get the books. 2. Do the work.
    It’s that easy.

  • Jilibean

    Doesn’t take long at all. Get online and order your curriculum and it should arrive within a week. You can often find it cheaper on ebay too.

  • Silver

    i live in arizona and i am homeschooled too.
    i enrolled in the arizona virtual accademy(azva) or k12, and if you go to k12.com and go to the bottom right it says “take placment tests or cotinue enrollment”
    it will take you to a log in page it think and just go to make an acount
    and all that and there wil be someone who calls you i dont know when but they will lol
    and they send you your own computer and everything for free but if you break it you have to pay for it.
    i think it will only take you about a couple weeks to actually start homeschooling maybe a month but it should work out for you
    hoped this helped!!!!!!!
    if it didnt just contact me at sarahmonroe24@yahoo.com

  • Typically it takes just a few days. Have a written letter to your school, check out the laws for homeschooling in your state, figure out the curriculum you want to use, order it, put together some sort of schedule to follow, Get a few papers together to keep your records, sign up with HSLDA so you can keep your back side covered http://www.hslda.org and go for it. There may be a few things else you have to do depending on the laws for your state, but that is it. Go to the link I put there and it will get you started in the right direction. Also try http://www.cheaofca.org/. I know this is California site, but it still has great information on how to homeschool and what you need to teach you kid right. God Bless and good luck!

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