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HOD Week in Review

Heart of Dakota: Bigger week 30

OMGosh! There is only 4 weeks left of school. I am not sure if I am happy or sad. I love teaching the kids so much, but I am ready for a little break.

Well, anyway, this week was a good week. We got all our stuff done plus we had time to do a bit more then we normally do. YEA! We are continuing the readings about the Wright Brothers and the kids hate it when I have to stop reading. The only problem I am having with the reading is the page numbers in the teachers guide are off from what I am reading. Not sure if the book I have is a different edition. Anyway, I have been able to figure it out.

Our character study this week was about being careful. This was a great opportunity to discuss discernment also.Teaching children how to be careful in the decisions they make will in the end help them later in life. Whether it is to be careful in doing chore completely or careful in deciding to do as Mommy says even when I am not there or doing what you want to do. Or better yet the carefulness and discernment it takes to do as GOD wants us to do. Loved this week!

Science this week was SOOOOOO cool! Now since I cook I knew exactly what was going to happen with the yeast, oh but the kids were loving it. At first, not much happened, but within about 10 minutes the glass was filled to the rim with active yeast. My son told me he was never going to eat anything with yeast in it again. Lunch was a sandwich. LOL!

Even the experiment about the sleighs and rubbing the paper together was fun. I guess I did not pick very sticky paper, because it really did not make a huge difference, but they got the idea. And they loved how messy their fingers got! Go figure!

OK, so for History Activity, I have to be honest. I really did not like her plan too much, so I had a better idea. I sent the kids into the hall closet where I keep all my scrapbook stuff. Now let me tell you there is NO floor space. I had them stand just inside the closet, the best they could,  with the doors open, then I shut the doors. OMGosh! that was hilarious! Screaming and laughing and more screaming! Talk about pressure, that is air pressure. Well, when I opened the door again the first thing they did was to fall out of the closet. You think the got the idea of air pressure. YUP!

Of course we did our history notebook page, our Wright Brothers Chronology and our timeline. Hmm, as I look back on this weeks post, it is short. Oh well, don't let that fool you. It was a full week and we enjoyed every moment of it! Off to Week 31!

1 comment to Heart of Dakota: Bigger week 30

  • Tara

    Thank you so much for posting these each week. I really look forward to seeing how your experience with HOD is going 🙂

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