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HOD Week in Review

Heart of Dakota: Bigger week 29

Well week 29 is over and we start if all off with our continued reading about the Wright Brothers. They really were very interesting people. Both the kids and myself have really enjoyed learning about all their activities and how they were so happy inventing things.

Our geography lesson this week was to learn about the polar regions. I loved the experiment that HOD had us do. My son already knew the answer to what is the difference between a glacier and an iceberg, but that did not keep him from having an AHA! moment in this experiment. And my daughter was all deer eyed about it too. Once again, this was a very quick experiment, but a very teachable moment!

Our character study for this week was Honesty. I love this one since my daughter is having trouble with the truth. Now please let me explain that. In everything she tells the truth EXCEPT chores. I will ask "Are you done?" and she will say "Yes." I walk around to look at the finished chores and only one is done. Is this an honesty problem or a 6 year old thing? I don't know, but I am dealing with it as an honesty thing. So this week was good. And it has helped a bit. I have asked her each day if she is done and end the question with "Be honest please!" And so far so good! She has told the truth each day! Sometimes it is "Yes, but not the rabbit." But it is the truth! YEA!

There are so many aspect of science each week since we have been studying Pioneer science. And I love it. One of them was fire safety. Now this is good since it is that time of year for backyard fire pits and bon-fires at the beach etc. Even though we really do not use an ax for chopping wood in our house, we even learned about ax safety too.

My favorite science exploration this week was the shadows. I think we spent a good 45 minutes in the driveway doing shadow puppets etc. Which was good because they actually got a chance to see the sun move a bit and they had to change their position in the driveway. Very interesting to see the shadows grow smaller as the sun went overhead! But they got it, Light + Object = Shadow!

Teaching them about translucent and opaque was wonderful. I was able to do this not only with the instructions from the guide but also with glass. you see,  I use to work with my Dad making leaded stained glass window art. So we went around the house and looked at the few pieces I have left and I explained that even glass has different opaque and translucent qualities.

My daughter is learning place value. I have this lap-book I made for my son when he was learning and boy oh boy, my daughter really picks up on things fast. She really is just shocking me lately. I am so glad I waited a little bit on teaching her to read and even on starting 1st grade math, we are just no getting into. She is picking up on it so much faster! She was having so much fun with the place vale she actually asked me to take a picture of her doing it for my blog! LOL

Our history project seemed a cross between history, the Wright Brothers, and Science, air movement. We had fun with straws and cotton balls. Have to say it took a while to get them to come back to school after that because they were having so much fun. They were having so much fun blowing the cotton balls. But they got the idea of how the air moves and why a glider can glide on air!

Of course we finished our week with the usual timeline and notebook projects. I still can not believe how fast this year went by me. Seems like it was only yesterday when we started HOD and now we are moving into week 30. Well see you all next week!

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