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HOD Week in Review

Heart of Dakota: Bigger Week 31

Well, we are still reading about the Wright Brother's and their sister. Once again, we are really enjoying that book! I have to admit these last couple weeks we have put off doing our story-time, bad Mama. The book we are suppose to be doing is Esperanza Rising. So my plan is to start reading the book right after we finish with school. Just seems that we are really wanting to shorten our days these last few weeks of school and be outside running and playing.

Anyway, the History activity did not work real well for us. For whatever reason when i held the hair dryer on the balloon it really did not push it down or up! Which I guess that is good. At least it did not move, so the idea came across somewhat! My son got the idea much better then my daughter. He is pretty smart and he is on the older end of this program anyway. I went to the library and got a couple of books on air lift and drag. I think that helped more then anything! Either way, they had fun doing the activity!

Ah! The Character study is all about being hard working this week. This was a good lesson for chore time. Seems like so many people want to have the easy way out of their work or chores or even have someone do it all for them. Yes, even my kids. So this was a great lesson for my kids this week. My son did much better in his chores and completing them and being proud of work well done instead of doing the quick job and easy way out which really only ends up being a longer way because he has to re-do it. Right?!?!? Even my daughter picked up the pace a bit too in her chores and was doing a better job!

Geography was all about learning to tell which way the wind come from. Where we sit and do our schoolwork is right in front of a huge window, so all day long we would look out the window and ask which way the wind was blowing. I do not thing I realized how it changes direction so much through out the day! Fun!

Got to love God and how he is able to put things together. A great example is the egg. Now as you probably know by now from reading this blog over the last 31 weeks, we have ducks. So this was fun to have the kids squeeze their eggs as hard as they can and still no breakage. The kids were actually scared to do this trick because they thought for sure they were too strong and would break it. OK, I have to admit I was a bit nervous too even thought I knew it would not break! Hmmm, got to say good job God on that one. LOL!

We also went over the different New years celebration that the typical pioneer might participate in. Like the old saying "in with the new out with the old." It was fun just sitting there discussing our traditions compared to the traditions of the past. They had some fun but very different superstitions.

But now we are getting into Thomas Edison for science. I am so looking forward to this book. It looks like an easy read, but looks fun. Especially when our project was to look at water freezing in a bowl. I am sorry, my battery was dead on my camera for this one.  But they had fun playing in the slush and then the ice! Since we do not have frozen over ponds here in Orange County California, this was a bit hard for them to comprehend. But once we filled the bowl and let it freeze and we showed how the center takes longer to freeze then the edges it was a aha moment!

Of course we ended our week with Timeline and Notebook pages like usual. We are looking forward to next year when we can do a 4 day work week so my son has asked me if we can, for the next couple weeks, try to condense our studies into just that. We shall see.

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