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HOD Week in Review

Heart of Dakota: Bigger week 32

Uuggh! Hard week this week. We were so out and about this week I felt as if we never had time for anything and that we were pushing all week to finish school early! Oh well, that is OK. We got it done and that is what matters. This week we finished the Wright Brothers book. The kids were very sad because they just loved that book. My son is reading, on his own, another Wright Brother's book that he is loving. Flying is a subject I had no idea he would love so very much! So I think this subject is really important to him. I need to come up with ideas of how to get him more into flying. I know reading more books about it would be great, but there has to be something else. One of the things I think we might try is going to San Diego flight museum this summer. Maybe he might enjoy it!

I loved our lesson on Lift, Drag, Thrust and Gravity. I got the blow dryer out once again for lift and let them feel the air blowing over and under the toy so they could understand that air is all around. I have to mention here that on Myth-busters they had a show about this very subject. So we watched that too. They loved rubbing their hands together and causing friction and heat, which I guess my daughter had never done that before. She was enthralled with the idea that her hands got so hot! Oh but the most fun was the gravity. Dropping their stuffed animals over  and over and over and over…well, you get the idea. And then lastly they pulled out one of my sons pull back and go toy car to show the thrust. Oh, but the most fun with that was a few days later when at the park I gave my daughter a push on her bike and she said to me isn't that a thrust not a push. LOL! Oh, don't you love how learning works?

OMGosh! The Thomas Edison book is SO funny! The whole chapter about the egg and Tom sitting on it to give Lulu a break from sitting on her eggs was a hoot!!!!! Oh my goodness, my kids asked me to re-read that part three different times this week. That really actually tied in very well with the lesson last week about squeezing the egg to see if it would break! But the  science of learning about matter and the three types, liquid, solid and gas, was the most interesting this week. That was actually intriguing to them. At first I could see the deer in the headlights look from them. They just were not getting the concept. I even got out a few solid objects to show what a solid is and then of course the liquid and then I turned the gas stove on to show gas and as I kept explaining and they kept looking at the 2 cups of water as well as the other props, there were seeing it come to life it and it was one of those Aha moments again. Hmmm, we have had many of those on this program.

So where is France? That was the question that came up from my daughter. Kind of funny since our Geography was all about mapping. So I decided to do a quick review of the 7 continent with her. My son was dying to show me that he knew it, but I had to tell him that I already knew he knew where all 7 where and that it was sissy's turn to show me what she knows. But he was a great help in assisting her when she did not know where it was! OK, honestly, she forgot everything from a few months ago. So we took time to re-learn the continents. Once we had that down we went right into where Virginia was and then France and the trip that was made by Wilbur. I even printed out maps of France and had them map out Paris to LeMans.

Patience. What is that? This is my weakness. I am always in a hurry, hurry mode. I am not a slow, or late or dragging type of person and I move fast, I eat fast and I do things quickly. Just the way I was raised, to do things WELL but QUICKLY and then you have all his time left to have fun. But unfortunately I live in a household of slow pokes! It is a great lesson in patience for me! Oh yea, and the kids learned something to about that! hehe!

You know what comes next! Notebook and Timeline. We finished our chronology of the Wright Brother's this week too! Well we are off to week 33. you all have a great week and I will see you very soon!

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