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When Did The Debate About Homeschooling Start?

Readers Forum:

How many years has the debate about homeschooling been going for, I'm writing an essay about it. Thanks.

7 comments to When Did The Debate About Homeschooling Start?

  • Gypsy

    It started in the late 1800s when public school was established. Napoleon invaded Prussia and beat the pants off them. The Prussian (German) government was so astounded that it vowed that it wouldn’t happen again. They made education of the masses mandatory so they could make a nation of obedient workers and soldiers. They did a really great job and became the envy of the world. Matter of fact many scholars and historians attribute both world wars directly on to the German public school system. Well, in the US after the potato famine caused a huge influx of Irish Catholic (gasp) immigrants into the country the protestant majority government wanted to break the children’s ties with the papists by forcing them to assimilate into the general population. You guessed it. They were removed from their homes, sometimes at gunpoint to attend school. Look up the “Know nothing legislation”. Of course the public school in most cases was reserved for the common people. The leaders of society and the aristocracy had private schools and tutors for their children. Lincoln said “what is taught in the schoolroom today will be government policy in twenty years.” Think about that.

  • Thrice Blessed

    Late 70’s to early 80’s is when “homeschooling movement” started. There were homeschoolers before then, but there started to be real surge in the 80’s. It has been debated every since.

  • hsmomlov

    Homeschooling has been going on for thousands of years, all around the world – public school, on the other hand, largely entered the scene in the 1850’s or so.
    Homeschooling as the movement that we know today began in the 70’s and 80’s; however, in some states, it’s been common all along. In OK, where I live, it’s constitutionally protected and has been since the state constitution was written.
    The debate differs in each state – you may be better off picking one individual state and writing about it from that point. Some states are extremely homeschool friendly, therefore no debate really exists; it’s perfectly normal to see homeschool families during the day at the store, the park, the library, and just about anywhere else where I live, it’s just part of life. In other states, the climate is pretty icy toward homeschooling, and the debate has been raging strong for the past 30 years or so.
    Hope that helps? 🙂

  • MSB

    Since people began homeschooling, lol.

  • Jazzy

    Here’s some info on the history of homeschooling:http://www.successful-homeschooling.com/…
    Hope that helps!

  • billy w

    i dont know when it started but lets continue it school does not offer enough choices and it is often stifling kids with bullies and mean teachers

  • Scrimsha

    probably a few decades now, perhaps 20 years maybe?
    But there was a recent uproar when california decided to ban homeschooling:http://www.banderasnews.com/0803/edat-ho…
    But i think germany banned homeschooling even earlier when Hitler declared homeschooling illegal in 1938. That might be interesting to note in your essay.

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