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How Do I Convince My Mom To Home School Me?

Readers Forum:

I've looked up so many programs for online school.I've written paragraphs about the benefits. I've weighed the pros and cons. I have a lot of websites written down, but she still thinks she'll have to get involved. I am terrified of public and private schools. So, I want to be home schooled. I think it would be best for me cause I get really anxious when I just think about school. I need answers to convincing her and fast!

3 comments to How Do I Convince My Mom To Home School Me?

  • Sooo Happy

    Tell her about all the bad things that can happen in public or private schools. Only tell her the bad stuff though.

  • Mike

    Not all the information on the internet is accurate but you are supposed to learn how to think for yourself if you are serious about being educated. It is your responsibility to sort out the accurate from inaccurate. If you find yourself acting on false information, then you need to learn from your mistakes.
    I graduated from High School and went to Pitt. In my adulthood I find that I learned far more away from formal education even college
    I even thought about going to my former private High School principal and suggestiing that the school offers distance learning courses but then I thought this is a waste of time as anyone will see that you need to just go anywhere online to learn about the world and thus learning doesn’t need to be structured in anyway.

  • Look, as much as you want to be homeschooled, it ultimately is her decision and her responsibility to take care of you. Sit down again and have a true heart to heart with her. Show her and prove to her that you are mature enough to take on the responsibility of teaching yourself through a virtual academy or something along those lines. Maybe get a few home school friends parents to come over and discuss it with her too. Good luck!

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