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What Are Some Good Ideas For A Circle Time Board Theme “from Home To School?”?

FORUM: A reader asks

I am a teacher in a toddler room and our curriculum starts in a few days and i need some ideas for a circle time board with the theme of "From Home to school" Its basically showing the children the concept's of being at home vs being at school. Any ideas for board or arts and crafts. Thanks!!

1 comment to What Are Some Good Ideas For A Circle Time Board Theme “from Home To School?”?

  • Love2Tea

    What if the kids drew pictures of their room at home, and then drew pictures of their classroom? This could crossover for many options – draw a picture of their backyard at home/playground at school. Where they eat at home/where they eat at school.
    They could also do a collage – pictures of home on one side and pictures of school on the other (or top and bottom)
    You could take pictures of kids doing classroom routines and have parents send in pictures of home routines (such as brushing teeth, eating breakfast, etc)

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