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Is Homeschooling In The Balearic Islands Legal?

FORUM: A reader asks

I want to homeschool my daughter but we live in Mallorca,so i just wanted to know whether its legal,is it legal?

3 comments to Is Homeschooling In The Balearic Islands Legal?

  • Hannah M

    Technically, homeschooling is not illegal in Spain. The Constitution (Article 27, Section 1, I think) says that parents are entitled to educate their child as they see fit, according to their moral and/or religious beliefs, or something to that effect. The misconception that home ed is somehow illegal in Spain stems from the fact that Spanish authorities have always refused to officially acknowledge it as an educational option.
    There are however many home educating families in Spain, although admittedly they mainly come from within the various ex-pat communities; and at least one Spanish Home Education organisation http://educacionlibre.org
    There is/was also a second Spanish Home ed organisation called Aprender Sin Escuela. They don’t seem to have a current web presence though, just a postal address in Madrid.
    Seems that where there have been occasional court cases, they’ve concerned Spanish nationals; have been conducted under child neglect laws as opposed to any education laws; are usually chucked out before ever coming to court, and; on the rare ocasions when such cases do get as far as court, judges have usually come down on the side of the parents, as opposed to the government.
    For a more detailed look at Spanish law and how it relates to home ed, see http://educacionlibre.org/inicimarc.htm
    Failing that, EU Human Rights law supports a parent’s right to direct their own child’s education as they see fit.
    There is also a yahoo group for home educating families in Spain @ http://es.groups.yahoo.com/group/educaciā€¦

  • Kathleen

    Although statutory education law in SPAIN does not allow homeschooling, case law provides a loophole for parents who wish to provide an education for their children that conforms with their religious and moral beliefs. However, officials tend to be highly suspicious of home educators.

  • Happy Murcia

    As far as I am aware it is illegal to home school in Spain or any of it`s islands

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