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The Importance of Good Pencil Posture

Learning and reading involve many skills. As children move beyond the pre-school years, parents wonder if there are clues to look for regarding whether a child may have a learning issue. Did you know that how a child holds a pencil can actually be a clue that a child may have a vision-related learning issue? This is noted at EyeCanTooRead.blogspot.com written by Lesley Barker, an optometric vision therapist. Lesley has also created workbooks to help parents identify and take positive steps regarding a child's learning-related, vision skill problems.

At her blog, Lesley Barker says that many of the children she sees in her work do not have good pencil posture. She notes new research that connects certain pencil grips to certain vision issues.

When a child (kindergarten age or older) uses a fist grip, holds the pencil very close to the tip, or does not secure the paper with the child's free hand, any of these may indicate the child is struggling with a vision-related challenge.

In the past, parents and teachers have assumed that when a child has 20-20 vision the child could not have a vision skill issue. But children with 20-20 vision can also have a variety of vision skill challenges such as difficulty moving their eyes together across a page and down a page, frequently losing their place while reading, and additional issues. Today an increasing number of resources help families and children discover and address learning-related vision challenges.




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