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Dream-Driven Kids…Why They Succeed

When you were young, did you tell your parents (or anyone) your dreams?

Maybe you yearned to be the fastest runner in the world? Or write books? Be a rock star? An artist? Olympic skater? A mom?

We tend to protect our dreams, so we don't always say them out loud. We don't want our dreams trampled or doused. Sometimes we can't quite put our dreams into words. But that doesn't mean we're not dreaming.

What's happening in your life that's connected to your dream? My dream was about stories, plays, and writing. I made little books and folded pieces of aluminum foil to make the covers. All summer I organized the neighborhood to act out my stories. What I love to do now is write. My father's family destined him to become a lawyer. But who he really was, deep down, was an entertainer. So he chose a kind of law that allowed him to talk to people all day – to entertain them, while lawyering. His dream came true. He turned his occupation into his dream.

What's your child's dream? To get clues you don't need to ask point blank. Instead, observe. What does he love to do? When they love something or always notice something, even something simple like how cheese melts on pizza, they may be cooking up a heart-dream, right now. Whatever that is, that's where your child's heart and mind are located, right now. Start there and keep encouraging.

Success often comes from "I love to do this" dreams, not career dreams. Bill Gates' mom knew her son. When he was in 8th grade, Bill Gates' mom helped his school get a computer terminal and block of computer processing time from GE. She used the proceeds from a Mothers' Club rummage sale to get her son's school, and him, access to technology. Back then, no one had a PC, laptop or smart phone. They hadn't been invented. It took the dreams of many people, including Bill Gates, to create the technology we use today.

What does your child love? Technology, drawing, dance, helping people, sports, faith, fun, water slides, eating candy, reading, texting, making things, telling jokes, being center of attention, playing the piano, ice skating, electronics, animals, astronomy, friends, puzzles, math…or any of a million other things, we're getting close to their dream. We can encourage and connect learning to what they love.

Nurturing our children's dreams helps us help them – far more – than focusing on their current crises, struggles, or even on their current triumphs, if their heart is not in those triumphs.

Daydreams become real dreams and they become real life – for us and for them!

By Virginia Vagt

Virginia Vagt is a writer, speaker, editor and 13-year veteran homeschooling mom.

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