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HOD Week in Review

A New School Year

Well it is that time of year once more. Are you all diving into purchasing your new school year curriculum and supplies? Yea, I got mine purchased about a month ago. Well at least the major part of it. Just picking up little supplies here and there. New erasers, you know the fun ones, paper for all the printing I will be doing to make our note booking pages and don't forget the ink etc.

Well, this year is a whole different ball game for myself. I not only have my son who is going into 4th grade, but my daughter is starting 1st grade. OMGosh, where did the time go. My babies are NOT babies anymore.

Well, I decided to try something a little different. I am a believer in the Charlotte Mason way of teaching. I have not followed it strictly over the years, but loosely. I have used Simply Charlotte Mason as well as Ambleside but just have yet to seem to really sink my teeth into it 100%. There were a few thing that were missing for me, my style of teaching and my sons style of learning.

I prefer some sort of formal grammar lesson to start earlier then what CM would have preferred. Yes, I know what her beliefs are, but my preference as well as my sons was to get the whys answered to his questions and her way of teaching grammar, does not allow for why's this early. Plus, I had no idea what the answer was to some of the why's. The only way I could do that was to get a curriculum.

The other thing was that these two website just did not have enough guidance for me. So a friend of mine happen to show me her curriculum that happens to be a Charlotte Mason style curriculum as well as teaching a more loosely formal grammar as well as have much more ease of teacher guidance.

Well, God answered my prayers. Heart of Dakota. I found the curriculum that fulfills my #1 concerns. Now I have to say I really do not like the spelling that they have, so I will still be doing All About Spelling The science looks like it will be really fun too. We are use to Apologia, but there seems to be a lot of hands on projects with HOD science through more of a literature base learning. As well as keeping with learning all the subjects through really wonderful literature.

I am soooo looking forward to this year. I read through the whole teachers book already and am excited for all the fun we will have this fall.

Now how about you? What are you doing for your curriculum this year? Have you purchased what you need? What style of learning are you. Drop me a line and let  me know what's up in your neck of the woods.

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