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Homeschooling: All Things

School Week of 5-12 through 5-16-2014


Our week continues in learning about those adorable ungulates. Horses, Giraffes, cows, camels, llamas, deer, rhinos, pigs and many, many more. This week you many have noticed we learned about ungulates that had hooves. We read  how to tell a  horse who has shoes  from a non shoe horse. To be honest, not sure I will retain that information or not. But where we live there are many horse trails, so we will try to go see if we can tell if the track are shoes or not. We also read about rhinos this week too. they all have at least one horn and did you know the Chinese use that as a medicine. this is why rhinos are on the endangered species list. Sad!  See I do not understand this. Why do they kill them? Conservationist saw off the horns so poachers wont kill them. Why don’t poachers just do the same?

Well, keeping on track with  learning about  the Americas from last week we are learning about the New World. The Portuguese and the Spaniards are the ones that really were traveling and building new colonies, mainly in Central America. However they were also the ones who did a lot of burning down of the Native Central American Indian colonies just to build their own. They are also the ones who brought over the slaves from Africa.  Still do not understand about the whole slave trade thing. How could a colony or whatever allow themselves to become slave. As we ended up reading there were only few Central American Indians that became slaves. They fought to the death instead of leading themselves into slavery. Hmmm, to be honest not sure which is better?!?!?!?

Cortes was hoping to find cities of gold and jewels and the Aztecs thought these new visitors were the gods they had been praying to for so long. But they soon found out that was not the case. Cortes had started to hid in Montezuma’s palace, only to find out it was a trap! Montezuma drove him away for a while, but the  conquistadors came back with a vengeance and conjured the cities.

As we are winding down for the year, my son is still doing some of his free writing, but I have an idea. I am going to give him a few weeks to write me a 5 or more composition of what he wants to do this summer. This will be his biggest project ever, so I am going to give him a few weeks. I think I will wait till the end of the month and then give him until the last day of our school year.

Anyway, we had a pretty good week. English is coming along, reading is going great and math, well, math is math! LOL!


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Anyway, catch you on the flip side. have a great week!

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