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Homeschooling: All Things

School Week of 5-19 thru 5-23-2014

Ruminant animals. Yea, the first thing we all think of is a cow. but as we learned this week, ruminants are not just cows. It is you bovine order that are all cud chewers. So just to name a handful, Gazelles and Antelope and Impalas, Bison, Buffalo, Wilder beast Caprines,  Deer, Giraffe, are all ruminant creatures too. We watched this video on giraffe. Very weird. You can actually see the cud going up and down their neck. I think the most wonderful thing is the creation confirmation we have with the giraffe. You see it was created with a body that is unusual. Small head, long neck, big body and tiny legs. Because of the neck, it has a  high blood pressure. So what that means is that when it bends over to drink it would theoretically pass out. But it does not.  God made them so that when they bend over their blood flow s-l-o-w-s down! What a cool God we have! To think of a giraffe like that! Amazing!

Great week this week in history. we spent a ton of time on You Tube watching videos of Martin Luther. Enjoyed this week a lot. We were learning about the reformation which was very interesting. Martin Luther was either a very brave man or stupid as all get out! You see the church back then was an extremely strong force not to be going up against. They also were not exactly HOLY! They did things that were not so good and Martin Luther started to see it. Just FYI, he was a monk so he was an obedient servant of the church. But the book of Romans made him see their faults of the church.  His bravery came when he nailed his 95 thesis to the church door. OMGosh! I can not believe that. Anyway, this one act change the way the Catholic church was run forever. It also brought more power to the leaders of the county instead of the church. King Henry the VIII loved that idea! He now was really in power and not the church.

In our Bible study we are learning how to let the Holy Spirit speak to us and let Him rule our lives. It is a hard concept for a child to understand let alone an adult. Ya know?!?! But they got the idea of that still small voice that says “You better not!” is basically the Holy Spirit which is what helps you to do right from wrong.

I cannot believe we are almost done with school. I  have to get on the ball and figure out my curriculum for next year. The CHEA convention is right around the corner and I still have not even looked at anything for next year. I know the basics, but I am still looking into composition, Bible, Science and a few other things. So we shall see.

Anyway, great week in history this week. Well great week in school in general. Have a great week and we’ll catch you on the flip side!

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