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Homeschooling: All Things

School Week of 5-5 through 5-9

Another week gone by and here we are again. We are narrowing down the weeks until the end of the school year. I am looking forward to everything just stopping for a little bit. I love homeschooling, I love teaching choir, but I also need a break!!!!

This week we moved from the European and Middle Eastern places to the America. We had a great time learning about the Mayan people of Central America. This was a large empire in Central America where they, like the Egyptians, thought their Kings were gods. They even would bind the heads of up and coming Kings so as to make them have pointed heads. OK, weird, I know.

We also read about the Aztecs. These guys were warriors through and through. They would fight with neighboring tribes, however they were extremely intelligent. They built the city of Tenochtitlan which was basically a man made island that they brought in dirt and filling in the wet area they made fore themselves a beautiful, huge island home.

In science we are learning about horses this week. This was fun. One of the experiments we had to do was to try to walk like a horse. a horse has 4 different gaits. A walk, trot, canter and a gallop. I have video’s of the kids. However I am having problem downloading them onto this blog. Hopefully by the time you read this I will have the videos at the end. The kids had a great time with this one.

We are on our last continents, Antarctica

and Australia. Hmmm, there really is not much there. But that’s OK, it made the last study of the yer easy for us.

This week the kids and I took a little easier. I took my birthday off which was the 9th, plus we had our performance ofr our Musical Review. That was a ton of fun and I feel the children really did a great job. if your interested in seeing the performance for the children;s choir take a look at it here. The first link is Sound of Music and the second one is Mary Poppins.



Aww! I figured it out. I have to download the videos to You Tube. Got it!!!

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