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Parenting Tips

Dearest Friends,

As I continue to refine my parenting, I continue stumbling across many
different child training methods. This morning I stumbled across this
post from the archives of "a holy experience." Ann's words of wisdom were
so very encouraging to me. I wanted to share this link with you.


1 comment to Parenting Tips

  • You know I am an eclectic homeschool mom and I read books upon books and blogs upon blogs on how to homeschool and took the information that worked for my family and me and applied it and discarded the rest. So it would be no surprise to say that when I was a new mom I read books upon books on how to parent from a biblical point of view.


    Two of my favorite authors were the Pearl’s and the Ezzo’s. Not because they were the end all to the knowledge of parenting, but because they had a lot of stuff I liked that “I” thought fit my personality, my perspective and me. Oh yes, there are some that would not agree with them or whatever, but that does not matter. They are my children and I have to parent them. There are many parenting styles out there that I do not agree with as I am sure you have some you do not agree with. So we can all say we can agree to dis-agree on parenting styles.


    These are “YOUR” children. The only person who can tell you how to parent your children is you. You need to continue reading other books from a Christian perspective to persevere new ideas, keep on reading your Bible but more then anything keep yourself on your knees in prayer to God. He’ll show you exactly what will and will not work for you and your family. As I am sure you have figured out, like homeschooling, I am an eclectic parent too. I have taken many tips from many different authors and authorities over the years and I am still taking in more information.


    Remember there really is only ONE TRUE authority on parenting…God’s Words, The Bible!

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