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Big Truths for Little People

I have been looking for a book that would help me to teach the basic catechesis to my children in a way that would be fun and desirable to them, yet Biblically sound lessons that would not take an hour to do. I was told about Big Truths for Little People by Susan and Richie Hunt well over a year ago and for some reason when I looked it up on Amazon, I did not think it was going to be as proficient as it is. We now start our homeschool morning off with this. The kids ask for it during breakfast. My four year old has learned so much in the few short months that we have had this book it is unbelievable. And the best part…both my 4 and 8-year old love it!
Each lesson in Big Truths for Little People by Susan and Richie Hunt is broken into a few pages which consist of 2-5 catechism questions and answers which go directly into an on going story between two families that help to tie in those catechism queries. At the end of the story there is a comprehension quiz for the kids, a Bible passage and then prayer. 
I teach a new lesson each school day and I start by examining the queries from the previous lesson. As I begin the session I review the Q&A session from that week and the week before. As I progress, I will drop the previous week questions and move forward from there. Another words, I am only reviewing two weeks worth of questions at a time plus the new questions of the week. In this way it helps to make sure my kids not only understand what is being asked, but also to help them memorize it in it’s correct wording. Sometimes kids will start to add their own wording into things and unfortunately it can be incorrect in how they word it.

When we have finished revisiting of earlier lessons I start by reading the current lessons question and answers to my children. Then we finish up with the reading, comprehension quiz and prayer. This takes us all of about 15 minutes and did I mention that the kids LOVE it! They have both said that it is the best Bible study that I have brought to our school table yet. I highly recommend Big Truths for Little People by Susan and Richie Hunt for anyone wanting to teach you children the truths of the Bible!

5 out of 5

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