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Lego Club

I am sure many of you have either gone onto CurrClick many times before or at least have heard of it. Well, they offer these free Lego Club classes where science is involved in it too. Hmm…Learning and having fun. LOVE IT! You know what is fantastic about these classes? They are Free. Oh, I am sorry; did you not hear what I said? Yes I said Free. I love when companies give things away for free. It is like thank us for spending so much money with them. A bit of gratitude.

Ok, so on to my point. So when you sign up for the CurrClick Lego Club you are given a link to a live web cast for the class that you sign into about 15 minutes before hand as well as a link to an adobe file will be given to you with all the supplies you need.

First I am going to give you some cons of the link on CurrClick. When you go the the CurrClick Lego Club it tells you almost nothing about what to expect from the class. That really bothered me. I am one of those people who really enjoys knowing what I am purchasing, but since it was free, I figured I have nothing but a little time to lose. When you open the adobe file to get your instructions for the class it give you a supply list but then as you look at the pictures of how to put this project together you will notice the supply list and the pictures do not match.  Well, after class what I figured out they wanted for us to bring the supplies to class and then make what was in the pictures. No supply lists for the picture just a picture of the supplies. Ooooh. Wish the directions would have been a little clearer.

Ok, so with all that said, you probably are thinking I hated the class. On the contrary, we actually had fun making the 2011 sign and learning about balance and gravity. It was actually pretty well done. I think it was the teacher’s first class and as any first you learn from them! But we plan on doing the next class for sure. This time we understand how the directions work and we will have a little more fun because it will not be less stressful trying to figure out what the teacher wanted.

The CurrClick Lego Club runs once a month, but for 2 days. Usually the 2nd Wed and the 3 Monday (which is a repeat of the Wed class. If you have a boy or girl  who loves to build with Lego's like my son and you want them to get just a little bit of directed learning from all that time they use to build then I suggest you take 1 hour of your time once a month and try joining the CurrClick Lego Club.

Here are a few things that are necessary for the class. You will need internet access, which if you are reading this then you already have it, your child will have to know how to type words OR you can sit there and type any answers he/she may have to answer like I did and of course you will need Lego’s. You Do Not have to have the same colors as the teacher gives you. As you can see we had a multi color sign and the teachers sign was all yellow.  You DO NOT need a video or microphone for your computer either. We did the class just fine without it!

I give this class 3 out of 5 only because of the confusion of the instructions with the hope and thought that it will improve.

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