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CHEA Newsletter & Free Devotional

For those of you who live in Southern California like myself, you are probably very aware of CHEA and may even be a member. I get regular newsletter from them and I enjoy the articles. Sometimes that will even spur me to start a topic on my blog. However, yesterday at my homeschool park day one of the ladies was talking about feeling a bit discouraged in homeschooling and was in need of a good homeschool boost. Well, low and behold I get up this AM and find an article from CHEA regarding keeping up homeschooling in 2011.  Focus: 11 Reasons to Keep Homeschooling in 2011
Anyway, I thought WOW, Lord you are very good to your children. So I sent it off to my friend and I figured I would share the link with you all. I know that there are times I start to feel discouraged and downcast because I have either let my kids down by being to impatient or they are not willing to work or whatever other excuse for being discourage I may have. Then I'll attend an evening meeting once a month and get rejuvenated all over again.
But not all homeschoolers have a monthly meeting to encourage them or even a weekly park date, so I attached to the end of my post a link to a free devotional booklet. It is a collection of 22 devotions especially written for homeschoolers. I have not read them all yet, but I read through a few this morning and I just had to share it with all of you.
Look, homeschooling is much like a job. You must get up everyday, get dressed, get ready and go to your job, There are days you wake up and say…Uuggh, I don't want to go to work", but you do anyway because you don't want to get fired. Right? Well, your schedule may not have to be so tight as when you are working outside the home and you may not literally get fired from homeschooling. but you have something more precious then money to earn, Your child's future.
He/She is getting more then just an education. They are receiving a family life that well surpasses any traditional school family life. Shoot, how can it not. They are with a parent, siblings and several other like minded children and adults of various ages 24 hours a day! They are getting training in how a family should be. They are trained in the values that your family upholds and more over they are not getting trained in the values of hundreds of other children and teachers that may have totally different morals then you.
So if you are feeling just a little bit discouraged right now, get up, take a day or two off, go to the park and play with your kids. Remember it is not about the top rated education you are giving them, but about building a family unit that can be unbreakable. It's about building and training up your child in the way he should be so that he will not depart from it when he gets older. You are training a child in God's Word, God's Instruction and formulation of their manners. 
Good luck to you all in 2011 and may God bless each and every one of you this year!  
Free Devotional Booklet Download
Moms just like you have written inspiring words for homeschoolers in CHEA's free pdf booklet downloadA Heart for the Future where you'll find 22 short devotions, perfect to encourage you and to share with friends. 

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