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Following the Rules

I was going to write an article about how you have a new year upon us and how we should start the new year with preparedness in homeschooling by joining HSLDA. Then I came across this wonderful article by Homeschool Inc. and I decided to repost it here instead. I could have not written it any better. Enjoy!

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Has your child ever said, "Why do I have to do this?" You might have responded, "Because I said so." When we say that, it's not because we parents are just being snappy — even if we're also kind of tired when we say it! In our homes, parents do have legal and moral authority over their children. Cleaning their rooms and eating their vegetables are some of the requirements of childhood, simply because parents have decreed them to be so. We parents have reasons for our rules, but kids don't get to choose to follow only the rules that seem reasonable to them.

In the workplace, workers have to follow the rules of the boss. The landscape of authority extends even further with the obligation to pay taxes. When we want to drive on public roads…same thing. Lots of rules!

Deciding to not abide by workplace rules, road rules, or choosing to not pay taxes all have serious consequences for adults. Whether we like it or not, there are rules to be followed for homeschooling as well. Each state has its own requirements. Some seem onerous, some seem reasonable, and some seem quite liberal! 

While we exercise the tremendous freedom to homeschool, we are still bound to follow the rules. Our kids may be able to feed their broccoli to the dog under the table, but we adults have a greater level of responsibility to (a) know the homeschooling laws that apply to us, and (b) comply with them. HSLDA is here to help you with that task. Visit them at http://www.hslda.org/

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