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Help, My 4 Year Old Can’t Count


Hi my 4 yo child can't count she does not recognize the simbol that the number
means and she can't associated with the ammount of items, or counters. She will
repeat the numbers in order from one to ten, but when I point to a individual
number she will tell me a differente number or she will say I do not know. At
this age it is OK to do this, is she too young for learning how to count, do I
need to wait for her to understand better what the number means and the value.
Has any one experiment something like this? Thank you for your help

2 comments to Help, My 4 Year Old Can’t Count

  • Relax! Your ok! She is only 4. Work with her but in fun ways, playing games instead of school etc. As homeschoolers we tend to have these expectations of our kids excelling over every other kid and that is fine, but they are still kids. Besides, learning to read numbers is like learning to read anything else – memorization and decoding. She will learn and that is the beauty of homeschooling. She can learn at her own rate not some government chart that says they are behind if they do not know..blah blah blah…by age..so and so… You know what I mean? By the time she is 5 1/2 or so if she is still having problems get her eyes checked and see if that might have something to do with it. Good luck!

  • Rafael

    my son new his numbers at age three! he is now 4 about to be five and has forgotten his numbers..he struggles to memorize them even when I only limit it from 1 to 5 ..I fear that he may have some serious issue because he fails to learn numbers my three year old can count to 20 but my son just seems not to be interested in learning and I have tried flash cards or games but it just doesn't work…

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