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Curriculum Reviews

Heads Up! Reading Strips

I received some reading strips for review From Heads Up!. These are for the student who has a little trouble keeping his place while reading. They place the strip over the text as they Continue reading Heads Up! Reading Strips

Curriculum Reviews

Write Shop

I had a chance to look over a product by Writeshop. WriteShop is designed to teach composition skills in a step-by-step manner. Through a series of engaging lessons, students learn the four most common kinds of writing—descriptive, informative, narrative, and persuasive (essays)—by means of the following basic building blocks: Brainstorming, Editing, Writing and

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Personal Life

Thoughts on Inauguration Day & President

Everyone who knows my family and me knows we were very opposed to Obama. Not because of his skin color, but because of his policies on several issues like abortion, homeschooling etc. Things that were close and dear to my heart and to families around the USA.

One of the things that really bothered me

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Homeschool Burn Out

Homeschool Burn Out. I have yet to get to this point, but as I have heard many of time…the day will come. I read this article in The Heart of The Matter The Homeschool burn Out,

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Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act

Just a few minutes ago I was on my review teams blog and I read about this new Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act. This act was signed into law in August but will not take effect until

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All About Homophones

Wow Mary Rippel did it again! Here is another great program from All About Spelling. It’s All About Homophones. Teaching homophones can be really hard! Just in case you forgot, these are words that sound the same, but they aren’t spelled the same, and they, to top it off, don’t mean the same.

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Attention writers

Attention writers! Grab your pencils and get those creative juices flowing!

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine is hosting their second Storytime Writing Contest! They have two creative fiction categories: Adults (16 and up 2,500 words or less) Children (15 and below 1,500 words or less).

Deadline to enter is March 16, 2009. $7.95 fee per entry.

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Family Video

This is how a homeschooler spends all that extra time they have when they take time off from school for the holidays. They plan a school project

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Bible Study

OK, today I finally can answer the question of how we got along with beasts and why they never ate us. How we were able to walk hand and paw with dinosaurs, tiger, bears and never die because of their carnivorous temperament. If you are curious, go to http://mybiblestudy-kristin.blogspot.com/ and Continue reading Bible Study

Personal Life


Ding Dong the chocolates gone, the chocolates gone, the chocolates gone. Ding Dong the chocolates gone for good!

Oh my gosh. All the chocolate we got for Christmas and petite-fores (spell?). They were all so very yummy, but oh my goodness I could not control the glutton in me! I was having dreams of being

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The Bible in One Year…Join Me

The start of a new year. Can you believe it is 2009. Well, my 1 and only resolution for 2009 was to start that Bible study I wrote about a few days ago. Which then gave me the idea to make a new blog for my study notes. So for any of you who would

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