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Family Video

This is how a homeschooler spends all that extra time they have when they take time off from school for the holidays. They plan a school project in the form of a video. Well, at least it is fun learning. Here is the link just in case the video does not work. I was having a bit of a problem uploading it to my blog.

2 comments to Family Video

  • Anonymous

    OH MY GOSH! How do you do it? Find the time to homeschool, teach the choir at church, sing every week and do big projects like this? That was so funny!

  • Jenn

    THat’s awesome! Okay, I had to stop at “rub your corns”….but what I saw was still great!

    Have you seen that old movie…Throw Mama From the Train? “Rub my bunyuns!” lol.

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