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What Type Of Diploma Do Home Schooled High School Students Earn?

Readers Forum:

I am considering homeschooling my high school aged son. What type of diploma will he earn (in Tennessee) if he is homeschooled – or will it just be a GED? I will be an independent home schooler, not affiliated with a church or other organization. I'm aware of the requirements, but have been unable to find out what type of diploma he will earn, or if it is simply a GED.

11 comments to What Type Of Diploma Do Home Schooled High School Students Earn?

  • Mary R

    High School Diploma
    A high school diploma is a document that bears record of the completion of a course of study. If you’re wondering whether your homeschooled student can receive a diploma, the answer is yes!
    As the parent, you’ve prescribed your child’s course of study and you can present a diploma that indicates he has successfully completed it. Some correspondence schools also provide diplomas for completion of their course of study.
    If for some reason the college your child wants to attend looks skeptically at homeschool diplomas, the quickest way to demonstrate academic competence is to have your child take several courses at the local community college. By dual enrolling, your child can take classes that help complete her high school course work while earning college credit at the same time (subject to state and individual college policies). Those college credits will allow your child to transfer to the school of her choice. (If you select this route, be sure that your child’s destination college will accept the specific college courses she plans to take.)
    Frequently Asked Questions
    What does a diploma mean?
    Where do I get a diploma?
    Can I make my own diploma?
    Who must sign the diploma?
    Can a parent sign a diploma even if he did not personally teach all the classes?
    Can more than one person sign the diploma?
    What if I homeschooled in close association with a private school?
    Do I need an “accredited” diploma? If so, how do I get one? Some colleges and employers look down on a homeschool diploma (they want it to be state-certified).
    Even so, how do I get an “accredited” diploma?
    Can I obtain a high school diploma without involving the local school district?
    Will the local public school issue a diploma for my student?
    Must the student comply with state or school district requirements in order to receive a diploma?
    Do I need to get the local public school’s approval before issuing a diploma?
    How do I get a diploma that is recognized by the armed forces?
    Should I skip the diploma and have my student take the GED test instead?
    List of schools (i.e., correspondence and online) that offer a diploma for homeschools.
    Diploma services/programs-can I homeschool without them? How effective are they?
    Should I also prepare a transcript?

  • Earl D

    Depends on the program
    If you PAY to take the Florida Virtual school you get a Florida diploma
    If you PAY to take Penn Foster you get a HS diploma approved by Washington
    Some have a diploma from some High School
    Some have NONE
    Some you will have to go the GED route
    It depends on the program and what your state accepts.
    Most colleges JUST look at your SAT/ACT or Placement test scores.

  • hsmomlov

    He would earn a regular high school diploma; the difference is, you would be the one to sign it.
    This is completely legitimate in all 50 states, and colleges across the country (including Ivy League) accept homeschool diplomas. You don’t have to go through an accredited school or umbrella program, and you don’t have to get a GED. You set the requirements, keep the records, and award the diploma when he has completed those requirements.
    Hope that helps!

  • MSB

    A diploma is just a pretty certificate to hang on the wall.
    When he finishes his course of study, you can make him a diploma. You can also keep transcripts or a portfolio of his work; with some standardized test scores, that’s all he’ll need to get into college or move on to getting a job.
    You can go for a GED if you’re homeschooled if you want, but it really isn’t necessary.

  • Mary A

    If you are doing traditional homeschooling then chances are you will not receive a diploma or transcripts in the sense that most people think of them. The important thing is NOT the diploma. The transcripts are the ONLY really important thing. The transcripts are really the only thing the colleges and possibly employers want to look at.
    A diploma is just something to frame and hang. Here are some that you can download and hang from Microsoft office online
    If you were traditionally home schooled by a parent for example, then your parent needs to prepare a transcript for you.
    There are sites that provide forms you can use. If you want to email me I can tell you where you can go to get them

  • JediMast

    The best way to do it is to take everyone advice above.
    For his Jr. and Sr. year of high school, I STRONGLY recommend you enroll him in running start. (Your local community college and/or the high school he would normally be attending will help you set it up for him.)
    That way he can by pass the SAT’s all together if he chooses, and he’s proven he’s able to do college level work.

  • Janis B

    You can order here.
    You issue the diploma when your son completes all the requirements that you have given him for his high school education.http://www.jostens.com/homeschool/index.…


    Check out this website:http://www.OnlineStudyInfo.com
    There are several pages that should help.Here u will see more then thouands diplomas. select you like most and get information on it. here u will also

  • Chun Li costumes

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  • DeniseRW

    In Tennessee, if you take a GED test and pass the test with very high scores; will you be awarded a diploma (like Florida)?

  • Thank you so much. I really try to give my readers things to read that are not just opinion, but also that can really help them in homeschooling. Thank you again and keep on reading!

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