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What Is A Good Homeschooling Programs Online And Books?

From Our Forum a Reader Asks:

For a 7 year old. Who is currently in public school but reads and does math at a 2nd-3rd grade level. I see lots of different programs I feel overwhelmed. Is there a site that gives me the refresher courses I need because I never went to college I am just a Stay at home mom . Is there anything online that compares different homeschooling companies?

6 comments to What Is A Good Homeschooling Programs Online And Books?

  • abke5252

    Go get Cathy Duffy’s “100 top picks”. It has a lot of great info in it on what to pick for your child’s personality and learning style and a lot of info on what is in each curriculum. Homeschooling is trial and error, we seldom do EVERYTHING the same from year to year, and sometimes we find things that are AWESOME!!!. Sonlight curriculum has a great return policy if you are not happy with something too. I pick and choose from different curriculums, I also try to focus on what me kids are interested in, there are some great Unit studies out there. Do not let it overwhelm you, your child WILL learn regardless of what you do!

  • Secretiv

    I’m homeschooled. Go with ABEKA Academy. They’re great. You can either get video’s or books.

  • Anonymous

    Try ABEKA Academy. They keep transcripts and are accredited.

  • ASD & DYS Mum

    In Yahoo Groups, there is a “Homeschool Review” group, where the discussion is mainly about different curricula.
    You won’t need a “refresher course”, even for elementary age courses. Teacher’s guides/manuals lay it all out for you, including answer keys.
    You first want to find out your child’s learning style – then research curricula to match that style. Look at your learning style, too, so you can stay engaged as the instructor. (Some curricula would work well for my son, but not for me.)

  • FaeC

    I am in PA Cyber Charter. Of course, if you aren’t in Penna., that won’t help, but there is probably an equivalent cyberschool in your area. It’s a great school system, and has plenty of enrichment for gifted children.

  • You came to the right site. Look through all the curriculum reviews I have done here. Shoot me an email. We can talk further and more in depth.

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