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Homeschooling: All Things

Weeks and weeks

OMgosh! I realized I had not posted our week of school in over a month. Bad me. Life just got so busy here. I have so many different hats I am wearing and interests that I am perusing. Right now I have been focusing on choral conducting, nutrition and vegan cooking. I have been taking online seminars/webinars in my free time. I just finished  a webinar yesterday for choral conducting and it was fantastic.  It really confirmed that what little I was taught in college (only 2 years) and remember from that long ago, I was doing it correctly, plus they gave me a few new tricks too.

The nutrition and cooking classes I have been taking are fantastic.  My knife skills are getting better and better each day. I am looking forward to this one class this summer that will teach me how to cook from my pantry. I can do that already, but sometimes I get messed up on the spices. Whats what, what makes it asian or makes it a sausage flavor and so forth. I have a love for learning and perusing the how to webinars and books and videos etc. Not because I want to become a cook or a nutritionist but just because I can!

I realized that since I got sick over the holidays over and over and over again, that my energy level has still not returned to normal. Neither has my singing voice or even my talking voice. Then it hit. SPRING! When I was a kid spring never bothered me. The pollen etc was no biggy, but when I hit about 39 all of the sudden I would get the sneezes and my eyes would water etc. Well, this year it hit me good and I was not ready for it like normal. I was out of any antihistamine! Just this past week or so I have had the itchy eyes and drippy nose. I thought I was getting a cold for a couple days, but nothing ever took effect. Then I remembered, It’s Spring!! With so much nasal drip my voice went again. Uuggh! Another laryngitis? Darn it! I am hoping that this summer will lead me into a very wonderful summer where I feel normal again. So with all that above, I have fallen farther and farther behind in my blogging duties!

I decided instead of trying to play catch up and blogging each week I am just going to post all the pictures according to their date and start with a clean slate. Needless to say we will not have an entry for this week. We are taking, kinda, Spring break because I cannot talk to teach. Hubby is doing great with their math pages and I am listening to them read. We are never really without school!

Most of the pictures are self explanatory, especially if you have been following me for any length of time, you know whose writing is who’s. But at least this will get me caught up.  You can peruse the pictures and get some laughs from some of the coloring pages. You can also get an idea of where we are now and where we are going. There is not much time left for the school year and I am already starting to look at planning my summer. How about you? Summer break 100% or are you going to do a little school. We will keep up on math and reading and I will facilitate an art class at my home for a few kiddos! It will be an easy summer but still filled with learning opportunities!

So anyhow, here are my pictures from mainly March and the last week of February. Enjoy!

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