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Homeschooling: All Things

School Week of 2-10-14

What a week. It is the first week that I have felt healthy in 3 months. I had more energy and get up and go then I thought I could have. This made school a lot more fun and exciting for us too. The last few months have really been hit or miss with my excitement with school for me because I have been so sick. I actually did not realize just how sick I had been until this week. I feel like a whole new person.

My daughter seemed to be in better spirits this week too. She made me a picture of a beautiful girl as a color by numbers. So cute! We had fun coloring it and hanging it on our art door.

English is finally coming along better. For whatever reason this year I seemed to keep putting English Grammar on the back burner. So we are a little behind but we will catch up over the course. My daughter is learning all about the Pronouns. You remember He, she, it, they etc. And my son is learning about adjectives and adverbs and how to diagram them. Oh how I remember those.

For History we are going to China. OK well, ancient China. We are learning all about Marco Polo and his trip all around Asia and Europe. We learned about the treacherous Silk Road and how people who traveled this road would sometime loose their lives. But eventually the ruler of China started to make this road a safer place to travel. We also learned about the Great Wall of China. I still to this day look at some of the things that were built back in these ancient times and marvel at the ability of the people who did it. Today we have massive machine that do a good portion of the work for us!

In science we have finally moving onto the Primates. So what make a primate a primate. Binocular eyes. Yes that means they have eyes in front not on the side of their heads. They also have opposable thumbs and some even have toes like that too. The bad part is that if the male adult looses a battle and a new male adult take over in power he will kill ALL offspring. That is the life of a primate.

Valentines day has come and gone another year. Now I am not a big proprietorĀ of Valentines day. I feel it is one of those days the candy company said how can we make up for loses throughout the year. I know…let make up a holiday. Yes, I know who St. Valentines is, but still….! But to make my kiddos happy, We made some very cute arrows. They are pixi stixs with heart glued on the front and 3 hearts on the back for the tail of the arrow. They sure turned out real cute. I just love them.

Well, another week closer to the heat of summer coming along. I know that sounded pretty down. I am not much for the heat. I prefer cold, but I am looking forward to the next couple of months of teaching my children and graduating my son to Jr. High. He is so great now. He does all his own English on his own, unless he needs help as well as his review math pages and his composition. I’m proud, he really has matured so much this year!

OK, well, I will catch you on the flip side!


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