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The Push to Make Our Children Read

I just loved this short little article I read this morning and had to share it with all my friends….

A Late Bloomer Blossoms Into Something BigFamilies today feel a lot of pressure to have their children reading by age 6 or 7, or even age 5. Yet President Woodrow Wilson stands out as a great example of a “better late than early” learner.

Did you know that Wilson — a scholar and 28th President of the United States, who also served as governor of New Jersey, president of Princeton University, and earned a Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University — was 12 years old before he learned to read? A sickly child, Wilson was tutored at home by his father, a Presbyterian minister. His early education included spending much time in “speech learning lab” listening to his father practice his sermons. In turn, Wilson’s father helped his own practice and improved his own speeches and oratory skills.

Written by: www.Home-School-Inc.com

2 comments to The Push to Make Our Children Read

  • Luke

    As one of those who struggled to read, I’m happy to know I’m not alone–though, I’m also not as accomplished as Woodrow Wilson [smile].


  • Kristin

    You know as a child I was a poor reader, but I find myself, as a homschool mom, reading more and more and actually enjoying it. You know it is said if you read to a child they will get a love of reading. But they never mention that the mom/dad will also grow to have a love of reading! Just another perk of homeschooling. LOL 🙂

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