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Homeschooling: All Things

The Little But Mighty Ant

Ewwwwwwe, ants! I dislike ants an awful lot. They come into your home and take over and but at least they are not too hard to get rid of. Well Brandenburg Studies has put together a FANTASTIC unit study for us called The Little But Mighty Ant. Even though we may not like those creatures, they are God’s wonderful creation and we should at least learn about them. Heck, maybe we can learn how to get rid of them and keep them away!
Brandenburg Studies has several of these types of unit studies and they are all effortless and at an average level of about Kindergarten to 5th grade depending on what you want your child to do. Obviously a Kindergartener is not going to write a 5-page essay. What I like the best is this is a complete unit study. Not just completely done for you so all have to do is open it up and start reading but also with links to site on the internet that are fantastic. No not fantastic but extraordinary.
The Little But Mighty Ant is a brilliant unit study. I think it would slide right into every homeschoolers study very easily because Brandenburg Studies give you all the tools you need to learn about the Mighty Ant as well as some project ideas, a Lap Book section, a Notebook section and a Bulletin board section, Oh and many many links to help you understand The Little But Mighty Ant just a little bit better. My favorite page was Colonies are Simply Amazing. Oh…My…Goodness, wait till you see what they have for you to watch. Simply Amazing does not even say it! I think will probably be your favorite section too!
I think The Little But Mighty Ant by Brandenburg Studies is a great addition to any homeschoolers curriculum. This can easily be added into you school day as n intelligent stand-alone unit study or just as an extra fun activity for your children to do on the side. Give it a try today for only $3.95.
I give this a 5 out of 5

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