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With July 4th coming up I wanted to really impact you all with some to think about. Our friends, our family, people we know or even you may have been involved in taking away the one freedom our country was founded on.

As we come up the this holiday, I want you to all think about the freedom we have here in the USA compared to other countries around the world. I want to you be thankful, get on your knees and thank God for that freedom that you have.

But I want you to also be aware of the one freedom that is slowly being taken away from us.  Freedom of religion. We need to keep our mouths open about this freedom and we need to make sure that we don't allow it to be taken away any further. This is the USA and and we were founded on on this freedom. Freedom of religion.

God is not just my God. He is your God and everyone elses God. Let Him live in the USA. Not just for those of us who choose to worship Him, but for everyone. Lets His name be in every persons face daily. For all these years it has never hurt anyone to have God's name on our money, in our pledge, in our courts or for a pastor to say "in Jesus name", so why is it hurting you today?

I pray that the Lord will intervene but until that day comes it is up to you and me to intervene on his behalf. This July 4th lets not only say thank you to our military people who have kept us free, but also to God for the freedom he has given us, for the the world he created and for the life he breathed into you and me!

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