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The L.A. County Fair

Have you always wanted to go to the county fairs for educating your children more then the rides and food, but never do because it is so blasted busy? Well, LA County fair has been giving away free tickets to the fair for years. Oh, and it is open early in the morning to school educators long before the general public comes in to play.

This is such a great opportunity for you to bring your children and learn about the animals, the insects, the plants and general farm type things.

I have been doing this for years now and love it! Yes there are large schools there too, but the crowds are not nearly what it is when the general public comes in. You may have to wait a minute or two to pet that cow, but that is nothing compared to when you go after they open to the public. You could have to stand in line for 15 or 20 minutes sometimes.

Anyway, here is the latest email from them to me for signing up. Please click on the link today before the tickets are gone. Remember this is FREE. The only cost is gas. Oh, I almost forgot to let you know. I bring my lunch with me so there is very little cost for food. Yea, I usually get a funnel cake. I just cannot help myself!!! 🙂 See you at the fair!


Dear Educators,

The L.A. County Fair is offering FREE field trips! Now is the time to make your reservations for the FairKids Field Trips at the 2011 L.A. County Fair! California State education standards-based field trips take place Wednesday through Friday (Sept. 7 – 30) and are absolutely FREE of charge.

Bring your students to The World's Largest Classroom® where they can explore agriculture in FairView Farms, California history at California's Heritage Square and the amazing world of science in the all-new America's Kids' "Surrounded by Science." Don't miss the Millard Sheets Center for the Arts with its exhibit all about collectibles, the Flower & Garden Pavilion's tribute to national parks. In addition, we the dynamic and educational exhibits Mojo's Jungle, Esmeralda's Traveling Circus and our dinosaur exhibition: Jurassic Planet.

The gates open for students at 9 a.m. – three hours before the general public arrives. Please remember that there are no field trips on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Be sure to read the FairKids Field Trips brochure or visit our website, lacountyfair.com/FairKids, to learn more about our exciting educational program and to make your reservations online. You will receive an automatic confirmation email with your admission ticket and parking passes that you must bring on your scheduled field trip date.

We encourage you to make online reservations as soon as possible. If you cannot make reservations online for any reason, your reservation can be sent by mail, fax or made over the telephone. Your class must reserve a date to attend. Reservations must include an estimated count of students, teachers, chaperones, vehicles and buses.

Many exciting changes have been made to the 2011 FairKids Field Trips, so please review ALL of the information carefully. We look forward to your visit!

See you at the Fair! If you have any additional questions please contact Shanell Santee at 909-865-4075 or santee@fairplex.com.

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