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Knights of the Angel Realm

I just finished reading a good easy read and a very expressive book titled, “Knights of the Angel Realm”. This is a book written by an up and coming writer named Gretchen Rhue.

Knights of the Angel Realm, I think can be a great read for High School-grade level reading all the way to adult or even an interesting read aloud for the whole family. Gretchen found a way to stress the importantance of keeping an ever seeing eye open for the works of demons all around us in our daily lives all the while, throwing action at every turn of the page. She really put a great spin on what might just be happening around us daily without us ever knowing what is really going on. The book drew me into each of the characters and made me want to know what was going to happen to these people in the next chapter.

Knights of the Angel Realm showed how people working together can solve problems by relying on the gifts God has given each of us and in every situation can have some form of triumph in God’s name. Even in the face of failure, there is always victory when we seek God. The relationships these characters build are clean and exciting and make you want to dive right in to their situation and help them out!

Now, are you all savvy and have the famous Kindle? Yea, well, lucky you! I don’t, BUT I do have a smart phone which allows me to have a Kindle app. Yea, me! That means I was able to read Knights of the Angel Realm. And you can too. Whether you have a Kindle or a smart phone with apps, you too can own Knights of the Angel Realm for only $.99. No that is not a typo, I did say $.99. I think you will enjoy this book as much as I did and look forward to seeing more books by Gretchen Rhue.

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