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Homeschooling: All Things

School Week of 10-28-13


What another amazing week of school. First off it was Halloween week which is always fun. We decorated the house for fall. Now mind you we don’t have any real Halloween decoration so my kids talked me into some mini glow in the dark skeletons and the fake cob webs. It was fun to see them put up all the fall decorations. A couple days before Halloween, we decided to carve our pumpkins. I always know better than to do it more then 2 days before, but we did 3 days before. By Halloween they were fuzzy inside. I think it is a combination of our house and the hot weather we have here in Sunny California. Even more fun was being able to go and pick out costumes, paint their faces and just seeing their faces as they count their candy after trick or treating. We had a real good time that night having dinner with our great friends and door knocking. Well on to school.

For Bible we continued to learn more about God. How big is He, how strong is He, where is He, does he change or does He even sin? My daughter said the most wonderful things to me the other day. She said she has no doubt about God. She cannot understand why someone would choose to not believe when the world is proof that He made everything. I was so very proud of her for seeing that at such a young age. This Bible study is really helping me to become closer to God myself, even though this is all stuff I have known for years. There are those who can refuse to believe in God and they have so much to lose. For me and my family we have nothing to lose. We have everlasting life with our loved ones who believe and with God.

For English my son is still working on finding the subject, the predicate and the object in each sentence. He is acing it for sure. My daughter is just learning to write sentences using a pronoun. Easy Cheesy. She talks like that so it is easy to find it in a sentence or correct a sentence that is not using the “I” or “me” pronoun correctly.

For History we are learning about the Frankish Empire. Yea, the people who took over France. We of course learned about Clovis and went down the line until we came to Charlemagne. We had fun with our Charlemagne puppets. One we colored the other was already colored for us. Check out the video. Funny!

We just started in on South America for Geography, so there is not too much to talk about here. We just started reading about it. So next week there will be more to share. However we did learn (or rather they did) that South America is the largest manufacture of coffee.

Art was a blast once again. We drew cats. OK, don’t laugh; mine has ears WAY too big and eyes WAY too big. It is very comical. My daughters cat turned out very cute and my son was very tired that day and really did not feel like doing it, so he did not blend his pastels as well as the previous weeks, but it turned out pretty cute too.

Well, you know what time we have come to…..bye bye time. See you all next week!

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