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Homeschooling: All Things

Another Week of (10-21-13) School

What a week. I always get amazed at how much we really learn each week. Well I have to start with art this week. We are learning so much this year. We are using the Gluck method of training. So far the pictures we are drawing are just beautiful. This past week we drew, using charcoal and soft pastels, a mountain scene. You can see how talented the three of us really are. LOL. Actually not one picture that any of the kids drew was bad. I really mean that. It is a fantastic and very forgiving way of drawing

This week in Bible we are learning how God is eternal and without change. Things around us, people, places, and the world in general change on a daily basis, but God is an eternal being that will never change. We even made a mobius circle to show how God is never ending. He has always been and will always be. If I have not made it very clear, we love the Apologia apologetics for kids.

For Geography we are learning about Central America now. We read about the Mayans and learning all the countries of Central America. All the while we are still working on our USA map and putting in our capitals. I figure instead of picturing it each week we will wait till is it completed and then give you a picture of how wonderful the USA map looks. I love the Trail Blaze to geography. I think we will be using this for a couple years.  There are different levels and different things to add to the maps over the years. So we can make this last a few years.

Australia and New Zealand are fascinating places. We are touching on the ancient Maori people of these places down under right now in History. I think we will only be touching on it for this week. So I went to the library and got a few books to read up a little more on these fascinating people. But between history and geography awe are really learning where some of these countries are and the cultures that once were and are today.

For science we are finishing up our science on Dogs. Our science experiment is working on smell verse sight. OK, so I want each of you to try this. Get 1 box of lemon Jell-O. Mix the water as the instructions say to do, then place the Jell-O either in several separate cups or 2 separate cups. In one cup you will leave the yellow lemon Jell-O as is. In the other you will put several drops of red food color and mix. Let it set for several hours. Then without telling anyone, have each victim smell and then taste each Jell-O separately. Ask them if it tastes like Lemon, Lime or Raspberry. We did that. Everyone said the red tasted like raspberry and the yellow tasted like lemon. The end result was that we, as humans, tend to eat with sight not taste or smell. Our nose is not nearly as well developed as a dog therefore we tend to use our eyes to eat which tend to deceive us.  Wow, great experiment. Now onto learning about bears.

Well, another great week of school and onto the next!



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