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Homeschooling: All Things

School Week 1-27-14

So this week I have decided to get my little boy back into copy work. We have not done that for a while. But the other day I was trying to read something he had written and it was not legible. So it got me thinking, why not get some wonderful Christian Character poems and have him write those. Check out how small those lines are. Getting him ready for college writing. 🙂

History this week was fun. We learned about the Mongols. You know who Genghis Khan is right. Well there was also Kubli Khan, his grandson. Genghis basically untied all the Mongol tribes together and once he accomplished that he was able to then conquer Beijing and a good portion of the Islamic Empire. When Kubli came into power he was more wanting people to kiss the ground he walked on, literally. He tried to attack Japan twice, but failed both times. The attacks were on water  and he was defeated by storms or what was named Kamikaze. bet you recognize that name. Yup, that is where the name came from for the “wind” fighter pilots of Japan in the war.

This week we finished up our studies of the marsupial. I never knew just how many there really were in the world. Here is a quiz for you. How many types marsupials are in the USA? Don’t peek. Think about it. I bet you have these critters coming around in your yard. OK, give up? One! The Opossum, not to get confused with the possum in Australia. Next we are onto primates. Now that should be fun! Glad to see, as I look through the book, that we are not ancestors of these animals.

We finished up our studies on sin and separation from God this week. We learned that Hell was prepared as a place for Satan and the angels who followed him. However, Hell is the final destination for those who choose to reject God’s Son. (Rev 21:7-8). We also learned that we need to humble ourselves. Jesus did. He was a servant to others. So we need to learn to sever others instead of them wanting to serve us. We need to learn to not be so petty and say sorry when we have done something wrong. This is all part of being humble. Humility and service are this weeks lesson.

So this week we started something new. I got a ton of clothe clips and wrote service acts that each kid could do for each other as well as in general. Pink ones for her, green ones for him and purple ones for general. So far it is making them think a little, but it is a work in progress. I’ll keep you posted on how it’s going over the weeks.

Now you might be asking why I have not had as many pictures. Well, frankly, I did not put the memory card into the camera and when I finally realized it, I had to back-track and I forgot a ton of things to take pictures of. Silly me. Oh well, you get the idea!

Well, off to another week. Have a great one and we’ll catch you on the flip side!


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