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Homeschooling: All Things

school Week 1-20-14



Well, what a week. I know last week I did not write anything. These past couple of weeks has been extremely busy for us here and I don;t seem to be home enough to spend time in front of the computer to actually write anything. So this is going to be very QUICK!!!

We are still working on mapping out the countries of Africa and learning some of their major waters there as well as having fun coloring the flags of many of the countries.  I think I have learned about as much as the kids have from this study. Next year we plan to dive deeper into each continent and into some of the major countries. Yea, this is a 2 year geography program. As well as we had a good time looking up the word Swamp and drawing a picture of that for our geography theme book.

In history this week we learned more about the Jews revolting against the Romans in Jerusalem. The Romans fought back and forced the Jews to leave the city so they ended up traveling to many different cities. So then those countries started becoming suspicious of them all due to monotheism and the point that worshiping God was more important to them then their loyalty to the country.

We ended up making a Tzedakah Box. This was a very important ritual for them, giving. They believe that even the poor are to give. So the box is on their door jams as a reminder that they should give in any way possible to everyone they know. Whether that means money, time or things.

We are looking at Sin and how it keeps us from knowing God this week. So far we know that the consequence of sin is….death and separation from God. This is why those who do not believe are fully separated from God. our sins multiply without God. Another words it is easy to steal that $.05 candy and the next time the candy bar and the next time the loaf of bread then a shirt and next we are armed robbery. Without God sin gets easier and easier to commit.

OK, that’s it for this week.  We’ll catch you on the flip side!



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