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Homeschooling: All Things

School 2012-2013 Week#7

Art this week was rather a fun subject. Learning to draw all the aspects of a Merry go round can be tricky. There is so much going on there and to put that all down in a drawing. Well, I think we each did a great job! We all had some sort of animal that we wanted to draw as part of a merry go round. I loved this one since I love horses and I adore merry go rounds. Although I can no longer ride them. They actually make me sick now a days. Anyhow, my daughter went wild with the jewels, but they both turned out beautiful! I stuck a picture of my drawing too!

This week for Bible we finished up our lesson on Joseph and his family. We decided to draw a picture and tell the story of Benjamin. I love how each child remembered the story a little different way. My son liked the part about the whole family being at the table in a feast and my daughter remembered the part where the gold was found in Bens bag.  I guess it does not really matter which part stuck as long as the story sticks as well as the lesson. We also started to learn about Moses. We just got to the part where he was a baby. We will learn more about him next week and start in on the plagues.

My daughter was working on her "Os" this week. She is really picking up the cursive very quickly. Almost a quick as my son did when I taught him cursive first. I am glad because I was feeling guilty that I did not do cursive first with her. She just picked up on print so fast and would copy words as soon as she could hold a pencil, that I just ran with it. But she is doing well with cursive and I think that as her reading and writing get better she will do just fine.

For our Geography terms this week we studies what a channel is. I love the details they each put into their pictures. The houses the oil wells etc. So darn cute!

I always knew the Assyrians were more of a fighting nation, but I did not really realize that they were more so then some of the others. I have to say here, that this chapter on the Assyrians was a little light for me. It went more into their belief in the half God half man that they believed in. However, the big thing that we are learning right now is through the mapping we do each week. We have gone from Egypt to the Mesopotamia area. It is always wonderful to put maps to learning because they really give you an idea of where this all took place. My kids know where Egypt, Iran and Iraq are now!

OK, so science was filled with wonderful things this week. First off you can see that our seeds we planted in baggies are growing like weeds. The ones from the pantry are so very long vs the ones in the window. And of course the ones in the fridge did not grow at all. We went ahead and planted the window seeds in a pot to see if they will take. I will update you on those in a future post.

We are also learning about the parts of a flower. We had such a great project this week with that one. We  molded a flower and used cotton swabs as anthers etc. Just look at the beautiful job they both did on their sculptures. But I have to say one of the fun parts for my son was learning all about the vicious flesh eating plants. LOL!!! OK, well, maybe not flesh eating but they are called carnivorous plants. Oh, now my kids want to own a few of these plants. I think we can grow Venus flytraps, but most of the other plants would not fair well here in Southern California.

Well, overall we had a great week. I think science was the most fun this week. Lets see how next week goes!

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