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Homeschooling: All Things

2012-2013 School Year: Week #8

Week 7 already? Man o man it seems like just yesterday we sat down for our first day of school. However, I feel like we have learned so darn much so far, Especially in History. For instance learning about ancient India and ancient China has been very interesting. I never knew where the word citadel came from, but now I know. My children really had blast learning about where silk came from and how it is really made. I even rented a book from the library about silk making. AS you can see from their mapping this week it was all about learning those specific rivers like the Indus Valley River, Euphrates and Tigris River.

For the Bible this week we started out learning about the burning bush and how God told Moses and Aaron what was going to happen to the Egyptians. We are taking our time and learning about the 10 plagues on Egypt. We are only reading about a couple a days and then drawing what we are learning about. So this week we only went through 5 and next week we will finish up the last 5. I think out of the first 5 the worst would be the plague of frogs. Not because I hate frogs, we own one, but because it says that they all just dies. Eeeewwwww! Can you imagine the smell and the flies and the maggots and the….. YUCK!

For our Geography we took a moment to recall where all 7 continents are on our great globe we call Earth. Of course my son has been through it many times so he shot off all 7 in seconds. My daughter remember from a couple years ago when we took each continent and made a shape from it. Like Africa is a face of a Zebra, South America is an ice cream cone etc. It really helped so when she could not remember I would say “Sun” and it would help her to remember. Check out their drawings of the continents.

Lastly in science we are staring to learn about pollination. There really is not much to report of what we did here because we just filled in a few pages of our notebook. But I will tell that we are new earth believers. Another words, 7 days means, 7 days not 7 million years etc. And one of the things we learned about is the fact that when God planted the earth, there were no animals. The majority of pollination happens from animals of all sorts. If there was, let’s say, 1million years in between the creation of plants and animals, the plants would have never lived. Most flowering plants DO NOT self pollinate they need animals, insects and a few, like trees, wind. So therefore it must have been only 7 days of creation. Yea, yea, I know there are some out there that are old earth, but I figure I would just tell you what I have learned.

OK, so I know I am probably preaching to the choir here, but I like what we have learned and I want to share it with you all.

Anyway, have a great week and I will see you all next week!


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