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Homeschooling: All Things

School 2012-2013 Week 3

School so far is going great. This week for Bible we have learned the stories of Abraham and Sarah, Hagar and Ishmael as well as Isaac and all of the stories that go along with them. As you can see by their sweet drawings they are understanding our history. I still always get a giggle at the story of Sarah and how she laughs when she overhears that she is going to have a baby at 90. It reminds me so much of myself and how when God does talk to me that I refuse to listen and hear the truth from Him. Don't we all?!?!

For history we are currently in The Story of the World and we are reading aboout the Egyptians right now, the Early Kingdom. We were learning about how the Egyptians use this fertile land to farm and feed all the people. We also were studing the Pharaohs and how they are the "gods" over the people as well as the rulers. Writing in this time era was mainly Hieroglyphs from Egypt and Cuneiforms for Mesopotamia, Sumerian. So we had a chance to write our names both in Hieroglyphs and Cuneiforms as you can see. They did not enjoy that experiment as much as they enjoyed making the shepherds crook which we made out of newspaper, duct tape and then covered it in masking tape and painted it brown. It is pretty darn big. We made it almost 6 feet tall. So now what are we going to do with it? Hmmm, I will think of something!

For Geography we are learning about North America. Just the basic of where it is and what countries are all included in North America. This is MAJOR review for my Son (sigh, bored), but my daughter, even though we have been through this before could not remember a thing. Hmmm, I wonder how much she really does remember but just does not want to speak up. But they are enjoying the Geography Terms book they are making. This week? Atoll?

OMGosh! Science was SOOOO much fun this week. We built our very own Light Hut for raising plants. It turned out pretty good. I was actually surprised at how EASY it really was to put together. We are raising Basil, Lemon Balm and a few other herbs. As you can see by the pictures, they had a blast putting it together. It was relatively easy and CHEAP! All we really needed was a light socket, extension chord, light bulb foil and a box. The bad part is the light has to be on 24/7, but I don't mind, it is an energy saving bulb. As of the writing of this post we are actually seeing a little tiny sprig starting to poke out of one of the cups. I can not wait! I sure hope they really grow for my kiddos because I have a BLACK thumb!

One of our other science projects was to make a bar of soap with herbs in it. This was perfect timing because my Moms birthday is Monday and so for her birthday the kids made her glycerin Mint/Aloe Vera soap. We happen to have these really cute mini bunt pans (from when I was about 6 years old) so we were able to make 2 of these soaps for her. They smell so yummy. I almost kept one for myself. She should really enjoy this especially since it was the kids who did 99% of all the work. I did the chopping of the herbs!

My daughter's penmanship is going well as well as her reading is picking up great too. She is really coming along and I look forward to her becoming a proficient reader. My son is starting Moby Dick this week and I am hoping he will enjoy that book. Oh yes, this is an abridged copy. I know there are some of you out there who are SCREAMING at me for reading abridged copiy, but you know when a book is given to you for free and you need books then you take it and say thank you and use it!. Anyway, so far he is enjoying the book and it is not too too easy for him. I read the first chapter. It is middle ground! You know what I mean!?

There was an Aha moment for my daughter this week in music. She has really been struggling over this summer with getting timing down. She can do it by ear or memory or rote or whatever you want to call it, but to look at a whole note and say it is 4 beats and clap it out, well it was just was not sinking in. This week, she somewhat got it. So it obviously made her piano practice much easier. She actually asked to practice on several occasions this week. My son, well, he is doing piano because I asked him too. I know in the far off future he will thank me for it. But for now he is being obedient and doing his practice. He actually was feeling proud when Grandma overheard his practice and applauded for him. You could see him light up!

Well, we are off to week four. Wish me good luck!

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