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Homeschooling: All Things

School 2012-2013 Week 2

Well, another week down. I can not believe it has been two weeks already into the school year. Wow, how time flies. Anyhow, we had another good week. My son and I did have a couple migraines this week each that made school a bit tough, but I am use to it by now and my son is learning how to deal with the headaches.

For Bible this week we are learning about Noah and the flood. Both my kids know the story, but reading from the actual Bible sure makes a difference in how they understand it. As well as having them draw out a picture of the event and writing a short 1-4 sentence narration of it. Besides, I absolutely LOVE to see their art work. This year it is all about drawing things to help them understand it more along with a few short narrating sentences. It sure does make a difference for my daughter. I write her 1 sentence on the board and she copies it. She is enjoying her grown up moment daily.

In science of course we are learning about Botany as I mentioned before. However this week we went over the difference between Vascular and Non-Vascular plants. We also touched on taxonomy more. I decided to help myself better understand the taxonomy for classification by making a flowchart on the computer. As you can see in the picture, it turned out real good and it has helped us understand the two main groups that we will be studying this year stick in our heads.

Our science experiment this week was to show the difference between Vascular and Non-Vascular. The children  understood that we are vascular living creatures because we have veins and arteries, but to understand how a non-vascular plant works? Well, in comes the puddle of water and a paper towel. Ah-Ha! They got it! Such a simple idea, and yet such a great impact!

In History we are starting to touch on the Egyptians. We learned the difference between the upper and lower kingdoms and why upper is South and lower is North; who won the battle…The Red crown (lower) Pharaoh…and how the Nile River helped them to survive! We even touched a bit on some of the gods they worshiped and we of course did our mapping of ancient Egypt which you can see in the pictures.

Oh, I know this has nothing to do with school, but this week was skate day for the 4th – 6th graders at our church. They had a contest for all the kids. The idea was to dress up in foil. My son went to work on this Thursday night. We had so much fun putting his costume together. Now I say we, but let me reassure you he did about 95% of the work. I helped wrapped the first piece of foil to cover the cardboard pieces, but the rest he did. I was the tape dispenser and tape roller. Just look at how cute he looks!!!!

Anyhow, math is going much better this year for my son. Maybe taking some time off from it and letting him mature a bit was helpful. I am hoping by the end of the school year that I bring him completely up to speed. And my daughter is doing very well in her handwriting. I think she will have very neat girly writing as she learns this art form and hopefully by January or February I will have her writing all her narration in cursive.

Oh yea, we also did our reading for Geography this week, but I totally forgot to have them add to their Geography terms notebook. So next week they get to do two. We do Geo on Thursdays and my son was not feeling good (headache), I was not feeling good (headache) and even my Mom was not feeling good (sick). So I think I was a little out of it and was just trying to get through the school day! You know what I mean?

Anyhow, like I said earlier it was a wonderful week and I am looking forward to Monday so we can do our History and Science project. You will have to wait and see next week what they are. Heeheee! Have a great next 7 days ya all. See you next weekend.

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