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Homeschooling: All Things

Pioneer Park

I belong to a Park Day group here in my hometown Tustin, CA. Our goal is to get together once a week either for a simple Park day or a Nature Walk. We typically visit parks either in Tustin, Santa Ana, Orange or Irvine and on occasion go to parks farther away for our Nature Hikes.

One of the parks we have visited several times is Pioneer Road Park. It is located at 10250 Pioneer Road in Tustin. It has some really wonderful features that I adore like the fact that it is pioneer themed with pioneer covered wagons for the children to climb on. It also features a 1/2 basketball court and a grass volleyball court as wells as a water play area behind the very clean restrooms. On the front side of the restrooms it has the wagons, playground equipment, a BBQ and a covered area with picnic tables.

It sounds like a wonderful park and it is IF you have older children who do not need supervision. Between the covered patio area and playground is a brick wall. So when you are in the patio area you CANNOT see your children playing and if you are where you can watch your children, then you are not part of any party that might be going on under the patio.

Between the patio and the bathroom is another brick wall that children love to climb on, but it is sitting on top of concrete so therefore, if there is a fall it will be a dozy. This is really meant for some extra sun seating, but kids are kids and try to keep them off anything that can be climbed. Well, you get the idea!

As I stated before the basketball, volleyball and Water Park is behind the restroom, so if you have more than one child and they want to be in different parts of the park it is not possible. There really is no one place for a group of people to sit, enjoy adult conversation and still be able to keep an eye on their children.

I just feel as if the person who designed this park either has much older offspring, like 14 years old, or has never had children. My Thursday group is about the children getting out and having fun with their friends. That means I am there to watch and participate some, but for the most part for them to interact with each other. Pioneer Park allows that, but not is a comfortable way for the parent to be able to sit and enjoy time with other parents.

The other thing I want to mention here is that Pioneer Road Park is NOT for summer time. As you can see by the pictures, the grounds are beautiful and lush; however, they lack a very important thing…large trees. My son gets overheated very fast on a playground like this. Then he ends up not wanting to play or worst yet later that evening not feeling good. The play area is not covered at all and as for an area the moms can sit, there is no covering for them either.

So overall, I do not think this park makes for a good park for homeschool play dates. Now as far as going to Pioneer Road Park with the family and play in the water during the summer or to play basket ball or volleyball…this is a great nearby park to visit. Especially since the adults will be more involved with the children. But remember there is NO shade at this park so make sure you wear your sunscreen, hats and bring plenty of water.

21/2 out of 5

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