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Getting a Break?

Do you dread the holidays? Just between you and me, I often do. But holidays and vacations matter. They matter to our minds. Why is that?

On the one hand, every mom on earth knows that holidays do not mean fewer tasks – just different ones. And holidays don't promise more sleep – in fact, they often bring less sleep, i.e. wrapping presents late at night, midnight baking, driving late to visit family, or staying up late just for the fun of it.

Yet, on the other hand, freshness and renewal follow. We don't even have to wait til the end of our break. Somewhere in the middle, our minds feel different, lighter, and more optimistic. Our hearts are patched up and stronger. We feel rested and recharged even when we havent rested. Again…how can this be?

In every-day-life, we try for efficiency – a good thing. Yet efficiency, day after day, brings short answers and sameness. A change of pace, change of scene, and change of what we see, do, hear, and even eat, takes us to a new road. It may not be efficient, but it opens up new thoughts and feelings. Our minds work in new ways and help us see ourselves and our children as new people.

Is it the power of God breaking into our lives with a new message of peace, love, hope and freedom? I believe it is. Take as much time as you can to see, celebrate, and receive these gifts. School and lessons, checklists and chores will return soon enough. And when they do, we'll engage with them again, but as newer, fresher people.

By: Virginia Vagt who is a writer, speaker, editor and 13-year veteran homeschooling mom. 

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