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Multiple Streams of Homeschooling Income

Most of you who know me personally know that my husband has been in the real estate industry for over 20 years and has been our sole source of income. However, as we all know the real estate market busted a few years back and created a whole set of problems for us, his business, our income and way of life.  There was a time where I nearly had to go get a grave yard position somewhere and still try to come home and teach in the AM! I know many homeschooling families are facing the same challenges. I even have friends who are facing this challenge right now!

Well, lo and behold he found something else that he's really good at.  Now you may be shocked to hear this but he (a homeschooling dad) found out that he was good at teaching. OM Gosh, what do you know?!?! Amazing to think a homeschool dad would be good at teaching!  It was one of those "DUH" moments in life.

He wasn’t teaching on real estate like you would think, but teaching on things that other business owners wanted  like Facebook Marketing, Outsourcing, and Lead Generation and all for FREE. 95% of the people would walk out the door thanking him and he never asked anyone to buy anything. He would generate a few Real Estate sales which was why he started doing this in the first place. So my husband had to figure out a way to monetize these events he was doing for the business owners as well as those people attending that just wanted a second income.

So, my husband put together this system where he shows people how to make money using the internet and affiliate marketing. Yea, yea, I know a lot of us bloggers already know and use affiliate marketing. But are they paying out for you? Are you really making a second income? Well he shows these people another network marketing element as an additional residual affiliate commission program. And finally he teaches those individuals how to teach others to do the exact same thing.  He makes it very easy to replicate for anyone.  Even you!

Ok, so now after that long winded explanation, What I wanted to do was to provide my fellow homeschoolers who are probably struggling with the financial struggles that we were with some valuable resources. 

Sooooo, I asked my hubby if it would be ok if I share with you some of the tools he makes available only to the people he trains.  And guess what he said? He said “Yes!” I love my hubby! Ok, enough with the mushy stuff! Each one of these trainings (7 out of 26) has information you can use right now without any great big sales pitches to buy something.  That’s why we chose those few! I like free! Don’t you?!

Just to let you know web page will require you to enter your name and email and phone.  For every one of these trainings they only go into my husband's list and not on a bunch of different email lists. Also in full disclosure, it is possible my husband will reach out to you when you watch one of the trainings but don't worry; he's only looking for people who want to make money with this so he doesn't chase people down and hound them with phone calls.  Most people usually come to him anyway. 

Anyway, here's the links and I hope this can help at least one homeschooling family in support of their efforts to stay home and be a homemaker and homeschooler! Good luck to you all!

Yea, that's my hubby teaching one of his classes. Ain't he cute!?!

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