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Cheap Theater Tickets

Ok, so how many of you like to go see a musical or a play or some sort of concert, raise your hand. Yea, me too. But how many of you do not go at all or as often as you like because of the price? My hand is up too!

I was told about this site that allows you to get tickets to all these fun events at a significant discount price. And I mean SIGNIFICANT!

Here are a few examples.

Midieval Times Dinner and Tournament Theater is normally $58.00 how about getting those tickets for $21.00 each.

Oh want more examples? OK! San Francisco Ballet performs Romeo and Juliet. Normal $40.00 how about 50% discount $20.00!

Here is even a better one.  Tchaikovsky's Symphony with Marlinsky Theater Orchestra Normal $75.00 now $15.00. No that is not a typo…I said $15.00.

Ok, so how does this work? Pay close attention. Log into GoldStar and put your email address and zip code. Then you will answer just a couple more questions and there you go. You now have access to pages and pages of events that are in your local area.

Ok, so what's the catch you ask. Yup, there is a catch. Most of the events are right now. Meaning if today is Wed, the concert is Saturday. I did notice in some cases, in my area, there was maybe a week or a bit more notice, but most were within the week I was looking.

So how do they do it?  This is what they say:

Unlike so many ticket sellers online, we're not brokers. We work directly with our 4,000 venue partners to connect them with our huge and growing GoldStar audience. Not every show sells out, so instead of letting seats go empty, venues list them with us to sell to our members.

Here's why our venues like us so much:

  • We've got young, smart, active members looking for things to do.
  • We sell tickets that may have otherwise gone unsold.
  • We're easy to work with, and we're constantly investing time and money in improving our service

Here is the best part. It is 100% free to sign up and be able to see what is available. BUT, they are not in all cities. When you sign up it will guide you to the closest city near you. You really have nothing to loose to sign up. Ok, maybe you get a few extra emails a week or month from them letting you know what the newest thing they have available in your area only, but that other then that, there is nothing to loose. No cost, no time, no money (except to pay for your tickets!

So check it out. GoldStar is going to be the place to go for all your ticket needs from this day forward!

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